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How to snap off a piece of Toblerone:

What if the moon was only as close as the international space station from Earth?

Two weeks without cable:

The history of “combo-breaker”:

Consoul: a short story told via an 8-bit adventure video:

12 great Disney villain songs:

What’s wrong with Agents of SHIELD?

Stephen Fry lets a “gay curing” doctor speak for himself:

Flowchart: how would you survive the zombie apocalypse (as a zombie)?

Tetris: Rated M:

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Arsenio Hall Standing his Ground Against Anti-Gay Protesters In His Audience

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Irish PSA for Marriage Equality

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You Were All Once Female. (Me Too.)

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The Life And Times of Harvey Milk (entire movie/documentary)

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“Why Is There No White History Month?” Response

A nice look at something that occurred back in February, but I’m only just now getting around to posting.

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So Is Exfoliation, By The Way


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April 22, 2013 · 1:29 am

Timelapse Video: Male to Female in 3 Years

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Russell Brand Interviews Two Members of the Westboro Baptist Church

Just an fyi: I update this post on the weekends. It’s difficult to start updating (especially when I have 70 posts to add, like today), because adding posts can be monotonous, dry, and not the most exciting, at least until I get into the groove (like now, after I have like 20-30 posts done already, and as one poppy seed said to the other, hey, I’m a roll). What I do to keep my mind in a fun sort of mood is I divide a post-it into a grid of some sort, write in the dates and times I need updates for, and as I cull through my favorites or pictures folder, I go through at random.

Today, it’s actually the 8th of December (and hopefully I won’t die between now and Christmas, but if I do, Oooooo, I’m talking from beyond the grave!). Since I have enough posts to last a few days, I started working on December 11 through January 3. So, I started on 12/11, and it was something like 9:28AM. So, I moved ahead 8 days, and the next post was for December 19. Upon completing that one, it was something like 9:32AM. So, I moved ahead 2 more, and so on. As I hit a date/time I wanted a post for (using the hour for time and ignoring the minute), I cross it out, so then when I come around the next time, I don’t exactly skip the marked-off number, but weave around it to the next column (which happens to be another 12 days in the future from the completed item).

What I’m trying to say by all this is that 1) I really like the movie “A Beautiful Mind“, and 2) I didn’t post this on Christmas on purpose. However, because this is random, I feel I’d be a hypocrite to be afraid of how this ended up being posted right smack dab on Christmas Day, so I’m just going to leave it alone. However, I did feel the need to explain just how this religiously damning post got placed on the holiday so as to not make it seem like I’m beingly overtly political.

So there.

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Sexually Secure Seal

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October 24, 2012 · 7:33 am

Anti-Gay Fail: Burning Cheerios

The whole story is over at Gawker, if you’re interested. I wonder what makes Cheerios gay?

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Heterosexual White Male

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Woody Allen Quote

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The Story of Feminism – As Told by Women

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