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South Dakota Street Fighter

From Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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Stuff I Found

Life is a game. Here is your strategy guide:

Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Calls Out Will Ferrell:

15 Facts About “Ace Ventura”, on its 20th anniversary:

Humans of New York City (photo series, highly cool):

1950s housewife removing frozen longjohns from a clothesline:

The Janitor’s name on Scrubs was revealed years prior on another TV show:

Tesla Cars big rally, and the crossing of South Dakota:

Patrick Stewart appearing on The Daily Show as Chinese Lunar Rover “Jade Rabbit”:

Where did Princess Leia’s dress in “Return of the Jedi” really come from?!vLKYc

HR Pufnstuf – The entire series is now available:

The day Johnny Cash bought a Nirvana album:

China’s Mount Rushmore:!vdvSE

Reno’s cure for Valentine’s Day gone wrong:

Infographic: 21 facts that will change your relationship:

An incredibly short history of various countries:

Marvel Comics movie rights:

Can you spot the cat?

Horrible Histories: 19 historical facts:

22 things you’re doing wrong:

17 things you might not know about Gilligan’s Island:!vKvxr

What were you DEAD WRONG about until recently?

If you put long tails on chickens, they walk like dinosaurs did:

Ten wacky flowcharts (Mental Floss):

7 Smartphone camera tips:

What to use instead of ramen in-package seasoning:

17 bizarre/awesome aircraft throughout history:

Forgotten concept cars of 1987:

Toilet paper:

Cross-stitch map of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past –

Pope Francis has a Masters in Chemistry!

Top 10 causes of death in the USA: 1900 vs 2010:

The AMAZING album cover to Big Brother and the Holding Company’s album (lead singer: Janis Joplin, if you didn’t already know), by R. Crumb:

15 things you didn’t know about Five Guys Burgers and Fries:

How to cope with a dead-bedroom (flowchart):

The X-Men Mansion in Lego:

America’s dick-ish refusal to dip the flag at the Olympics:

52% of content on Reddit is a repost:

Evelyn McHale’s suicide from the Empire State Building (and her beautiful last photo):

Monty Python: You Make Me Sad –

Famous movies redone with cool animation:!vLOwD

The Empire State Building post-coitus with The Chrysler Building:

REDSHIRTS – a new TV series coming soon! Looks great!:!vf6Tq

The rise and fall of The Dana Carvey Show:

The USA high-speed rail system (as it should be):

The Simpsons on the wrong couch:

Steampunk Gizmo Duck:

Total number of peer reviews that rejected global warming since 1992:×476.png

If you can do one, you can do the other:

The taste of beer:

Grand Theft Auto in real life (keep watching to the end): via

Classy pin-up girl and old timey tank:

How to protect yourself in New York City:

After being homeless for 2 years and finding a job, what investments should this guy make?

Batman: The Deal (very bloody/NSFW):

I’m Peeta and I know it:

11 shows from the 80s you may have forgotten:

Bullshit-sounding-but-true facts:

The rise and fall of the Ford Taurus in American Pop Culture:

12 Post-Potter revelations JK Rowling has shared:

A conceived but never produced sequel to Star Trek: The Next Generation’s episode “The Inner Light”:

An Iowa funeral surprise:

Newscaster pen-flip WIN!

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The Statue of David, Up Close and Looking From Eye-Level

daveThe Statue of David is, itself, a bit of a goliath, but it portrays Dave just before attacking a giant named Goliath. There is one of a few replica statues in my hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and it stands 8-10 feet tall, by my non-wikipedia guestimates. From below, it looks like just some naked dude standing in the city park of a pretty conservative town, so much that they had to turn his ass to the main street passing in front of the park, lest passerbys see male genetalia. Three things that have esacaped me over the many years I’ve known this replica. 1) He’s holding a sling, in anticipation of battling Goliath. 2) His offensive genetalia is really tiny, but for a good reason. He’s really, really afraid of the battle, and that’s what male junk does in this situation. And 3) Impossible to see from the ground is the really worried expression on Dave’s face, again showing he’s really freaking petrified of the oncoming fight. I wish I knew where I heard about 2 & 3, but the proof is there.

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Poor Bendo

Mister Bendo has been a landmark in my hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota for many, many years. Recently, a drunk driver ran into him, leaving his legs severely damaged. Thankfully, with a fiberglass expert at the helm, he will be put back together once again! Here’s the link to his story.

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This post is for the Kraznoy followers

Well, some spam schmuck grabbed My mistake, it was up for grabs, and that’s how the cookie crumbles. For the time being, I picked the one directional-Dakota domain name that was left. So, get ready for…

It’s not here yet, for it takes a couple days for domain names to fully register on DNS servers. will still take you to this blog, but for the time being (and probably forever), Kraznoy is dead. This blog, however, will live on in its 3rd incarnation.

I’m okay with Dakota East…but I may yet think up another name for this baby down the road. Or I may not. DE is very easy to remember, it invokes memories of home, and it has a double meaning. I’m from Sioux Falls, born in Brookings, and for most of my life I lived in eastern South Dakota. Also, I bring a part of me to the east coast, where I currently reside. So, I may just keep it as it is.

And I promise not to forget to renew my subscription from now on. This was a lesson hard-learned.

Enjoy the blog. The original content that’s saved up will run down to a trickle about mid-July. Then…I either just post written content of mine, or I continue to post stuff from the web…or who knows. I haven’t decided yet. Until then, enjoy this blog as you always have.

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South Dakota links

If you don’t know, I’m from South Dakota. I like South Dakota (except when I have to drive in Sioux Falls. But I’ve discussed this, I won’t dwell…). I’m going to put a few more Sioux Falls-centric blogs on my blog roll, because even though I haven’t seen the state in nearly a year, I still like to hear what’s going on with Hyperion, local-to-SooFoo cartoonists, and kayaking in SoDak. Enjoy.

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Sioux Falls Made The L.A. Times!

My thanks to my brother Andy for this article.

Sioux Falls scored an article in the L.A. Times about how bulletproof the city is in the midst of our economic recession. Read about it here.

Aside from the fact that Sioux Falls has some of the worst car drivers in the country as members of its populace (despite having some of the lowest car accident records for the last few years, which completely confounds me), the city might be the greatest in the nation. Being that it’s the city I grew up in helps raise it in my eyes, but time and time again, whether in Money Magazine in 1992 (when it was named the best place to live in the U.S.) or the occasional mention on national news, the greatness shows.

As I read through the rest of the article, something struck me. It is ironic that the section of the country referred to in the article, North Dakota to Texas, that is largely avoiding the effects of the economic recession is also the section of the country that didn’t vote for the current president.

Oh, and by the way, the picture for this article came from I’m thinking of getting the magnet, figuring it would look cool next to the photo in Adventureland at Altoona, Iowa the day I proposed to my wife, or a bas-relief magnet from Las Vegas. Or my Guinness Bottle Opener in the shape of a giant bottle-cap.

I’m done describing my fridge. Feel free to continue websurfing now.

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Kayaking the Lakes of South Dakota

Would you believe I only just discovered this site?! Jay Heath was my principal at both elementary school and junior high, and he’s the father of one of my oldest friends. Plus, he’s led an interesting life — just look at his bio on the right of his blog. His last post was in October, but you can’t kayak a frozen lake, right?

Kayaking the Lakes of South Dakota

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Sioux Falls makes it onto the BBC Website!

This is hilarious! It took, of all things a BAR FIGHT for Sioux Falls to make it onto the BBC!

Bar Fight to BBC

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