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Just a couple links

I often run into problems while geocaching, where my coordinates for a cache actually put me in a spot up to 100 feet away. Although I’m not trying to demolish a house using coordinates alone.

Also, there’s a new bill that would force television stations to TURN DOWN THE VOLUME ON ADVERTISEMENTS!! Even with Tivo, I still get inundated with these INSANELY LOUD ADS.

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It’s all good until you get lyme disease…

I went out geocaching today, trying to find “Fallen In Flatlick“, and “The Cache With 9 Lives”. Fallen was very difficult, and after over 1 hour, I gave up. I attacked that one from the 4 points of the compass with no luck. I’ll head back there sometime this fall when the foliage has died off. That was when the cache was originally planted, so I may have better luck.

The other cache, as I said, was “The Cache With Nine Lives“. I cruised out, ducking out of the way of swallows and dodging around a sizable marsh/lake. Upon finding it, I discovered the container was cracked, and everything inside was damp. I couldn’t log my visit since the log book was ruined. I didn’t bother to leave my travelbug there either. Like I said in another post, I’ll probably take that back to South Dakota and leave it there.

While I was checking out the cache, I found 4 ticks and a couple inchworms all over me. I always wear a hat when I go adventuring, so thankfully I didn’t get any ticks in my scalp. I showered immediately when I got home, and I’m crossing my fingers.

I can’t help but think how cute the little guys are. Ticks, I mean. I was pulling one off my leg, and I had him trapped between my thumb and forefinger, and the way he squirmed was very funny. His pain, my pleasure. I let him go soon after. I’d feel worse, but it was a tick.

I like bugs. I have grown very fond of them in the last year or so. Just thought I’d say…

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Geocache: Friday Morning Staff Meeting (on Tuesday Evening)

This was a fun little geocache. Located about 1/2 mile along a trail twisting into the woods in the Ellanor C. Lawrence park. I started off pretty frustrated, for I had intended on doing the “A Walk Through Time” geocache. However, the crucial piece to that jaunt was access to the visitor’s center, which is closed only on Tuesdays. Instead, I flipped through my small stack of choices, found this little gem, and took off.

My busted toe is still causing me some problems, creating a stiffness in my right foot. I took it easy, while not allowing it to slow me down too much.

The cache was an ammunition cannister, a little larger than a toaster. I entered my record, and dug through the loot.

There was an awful lot of kids toys inside, which tells me that not enough people are bringing their kids to this cache. I noted this in my comments on the cache.

This took the better part of an hour to reach, look inside the cache, and return. Upon returning to the visitor’s center, 3 young deer were poking around on the edge of the woods. I watched them for a few minutes, but I felt like I was intruding on the privacy of an African American couple, so I left. On the way back to the car, I told a couple of women in their 40’s or 50’s about the same deer, which really made their day.

All this on the same day I started a new job. Funny part is that the job doesn’t seem nearly as cool as this little hour jaunt into the woods.

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