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Mostly Retired


Well, for the most part. Until I get bored and decide to blog again.

Yup, Bugloaf is done for the time being. I can’t justify the hobby these days, and there are tons of sites out there that offer the same content, and more, in-case I ever thought this was ever going to be a paying gig.

If you want to keep in touch, like I said before, Twitter’s a good option. Otherwise, you can check me out on Tumblr:

So, that’s that. I hope you have a happy 4th of July!



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Catch us on Twitter

I attached Bugloaf’s Facebook page (the only site I can regularly update lately) to my old Twitter feed (@aarona1c), which also shows up on the right-column of this blog.

Since my linking is pretty much broken, here’s Bugloaf’s Facebook page:

And here’s my Twitter page:

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Bugloaf on Facebook

Howdy howdy howdy,

Well, I’m having a hard time updating from everywhere I need to be able to update it. However, I can still update the Facebook version of this badboy, at (Note the “s” at the end.)

That’s it for now. I’ll probably still update here from time to time. But for new-ish stuff, go to the Facebook page!



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Purge, then Binge

Bugloafians, United-Statesians, lend me your eyes;

As I’m purging a bunch of old posts on Bugloaf that are broken or have zero historical significance, I realize that I don’t really run off at the mouth that much anymore. Should I? Isn’t that what a blog is for, instead of posting a bunch of funny crap?

I also don’t feel at all the same political, spiritually, etc that I felt in 2007, when this blog really got rolling. So, when I see a post bashing Democrats, I’m like, “Really?”. To be clear, I’m not really that liberal…I think. I support gun rights, pro-choice with an emphasis on pro-life if possible (but it’s frankly not my body, so, yeah), taxing churches, and overall less government. It’s not quite liberal, or libertarian, but it has a slant that way, I guess. There’s still a lot of libertarianism that I don’t support, but it’s about as close as I have for a party at the moment, I guess. But ….

See, this is why I don’t blather that much anymore. I don’t know what the hell I think, and it’s impossible to organize my thoughts into a nice, short narrative that is at all interesting to someone who might stumble across this blog. All I know is that my opinion changes over time, when I thought it never would. And I might return to my right-thinking ways that I had en-force in the 1990s, I don’t know. So much about political parties disappoint me these days that it’d be nice to have another choice.

Anyhow, I’m just going to put that on the back burner for a moment, and tell you about my week, briefly, whether you like it or not.

Two things to share: 1) I have a sick cat that my wife and I are caring for, and 2) I broke 2 toes. I think.

The past week, I’ve been taking care of my sick cat Lila. She has a feeding tube in her neck, and we have to use a screw-tip syringe to attach it to the tube, and pump water, food, and medicine into her 3-4 times a day, like every 4-6 hours. This requires two people, one to hold her since she tends to squirm a lot, and the other to pump stuff into her neck-tube. This morning, apparently she really had to go (which is usually why she’s so squirmy), and she peed in my lap. She looked embarassed, and I did my best to console her, all while we were still pumping food into her, and while I’m doing my best to have a conniption-fit level gross-out EEWWWWW CAT PISS! moment. So, I sat there, soaking up pee, like stinky-ammonia-cat-pee, for about 10-15 minutes, while my wife tried her best to quickly (but not too quickly, don’t need to add puke to feline bodily fluids awash on Aaron today) feed my cat.

So, there’s my fun good-night’s-sleep-destroyer this week. The 1:00am feedings are the WORST, but at least Lila usually sleeps through it, for the most part.

The other fun I had was on Friday. We setup a baby-gate so Lila couldn’t go upstairs (her balance and energy both suck right now, so steps are bad). I was in a hurry, because I was going to the matinee of Captain America: Winter Soldier (which was good, but not a ton of fun…a little too bloody and serious for my liking. And it was “S.H.I.E.L.D: The Movie” more than “Cap2”. But it was loads better than the first one.). I threw my left leg over okay, but I was swinging my right-leg over, and kicked down when I thought I was clear…and I wasn’t. Somehow, I (probably) broke my middle and pinky toes on my right food. My ring-toe looks to be okay. It hurt a little at first, but I thought I just jammed ’em. I didn’t bother wrapping them or anything, and went to the movie. Later on, with a mild soreness throughout my foot, I realized they were probably broken. The bruising goes through those 2 toes, and up my foot about an inch. So, I wrapped the suckers up (not much else you can do for toes, unfortunately), and I’ve been stepping gingerly for a couple days. For the record, I hate baby gates. But ours is necessary, so what do you do?

Oh, just a note: our other cat Holly is doing fantastic, except for the fact she’s cooped up in our bedroom until Lila is feeling a bit better. Since Lila wasn’t eating / peeing / etc, we need to keep an eye on, well, everything. We put food out, and we need to make sure she’s the one eating it, not Holly (who will eat most anything). Same with number-ones and number-twos.

Oh, those with kids may get this, but there’s a certain amount of joy in seeing cat shit after not seeing it for a while, and not knowing if your cat would ever recover to the point that it could actually produce cat shit. Life is sick, disgusting, and weird sometimes. I say those with kids may understand, because constipated kids have to be really scary on a higher level than what I’m dealing with.

Well, I’ve rambled long enough. I hope you’re having a great day, cat shit or no cat shit.

Have a fantastic day,


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What a Weekend

Okay, on Feb 28, I took my cat Lila to the dentist, where she had 3 teeth pulled. They were rotting, and were going to cause a LOT more problems if we’d left them alone. I didn’t realize that pulling them would cause worse troubles for her. (Not-pulling them wasn’t really an option…but looking back, I would have just left the teeth alone for a while. But I didn’t know what was to come.)

The pain of Lila’s dental extractions (even with the pain killers she was taking) meant that my cat wasn’t eating on her own. She was drinking, but only cold water, that I would assume was soothing on her teeth and gums. And since we have a second cat (Holly), we (my wife and I) didn’t realize that Lila wasn’t eating AT ALL. It was a form of PTSD, where she was still living as if her mouth was killing her, even after it had healed up.

We had company come for a week at this point. This forced us to move the cat dishes (due to one of the kids visiting being allergic to cats). This probably didn’t help Lila any, because she’s a cat that really needs routine. Messing it up probably just increased her stress, and made her want to eat even less.

Our cats have always been somewhat hands-off. They were feral initially, having come from a hoarding situation where something like 39 cats and over 100 animals were taken from the property. Lila was given to us for free from the Middleburg VA Humane Society, because she was pals with our other cat Holly. Lila was very stand-offish, and not terribly friendly, but she was (and is) very pretty. She’s a munchkin, meaning she has short legs; and she’s polydactyl, meaning she has 7 toes on her feet. Also, she’s probably Siamese with lynx-points, and it makes her a favorite of the vets when we take her in for checkups.

When company left, and we had some time to really look at Lila, she was a little lethargic, and her balance was drunky. So, we took her back to the vet, had her checked out, had bloodwork done, and it came back ok, with no infection. They basically said to watch her closely, try some more things, but didn’t really state that she was in a dangerous state. So, I relaxed, and watched her some more.

So, another week goes by, and although her balance was slightly better, and she’s even less energetic. We take her back into the vet, more checks, and we see she’s down a pound from last February. We started trying to feed her kitten food (which is a lot fattier), wet food, wet treats, tuna, gravy food, high-calorie energy gel for cats, just about anything we could find that hopefully she would like. Nothing worked.

Finally, last Friday, I woke up sick at 4am, and called into work. But I noticed that Lila was even sicker, and wasn’t very energetic at all, sleeping with her nose down, exhausted. I called the competing veterinarian in town, one that focuses on cats only, and got an appointment.

After checking her out, they immediately checked her liver and found some of her liver enzymes were really high, a bad sign. Basically, she was getting fatty liver, and she needed help right away. They recommended I take her immediately to the local pet hospital for an ultrasound, right after pumping her up with some fluids first.

Thankfully the ultrasound said that her other organs weren’t in too terrible of shape. The hospital started her on more fluids, and checked to see if her blood was clotting enough to place a feeding tube into her neck, connecting to her esophagus. After a night in the hospital, they determined it was alright, so a tube was placed, where liquid food and meds are pumped into her throat, and she can finally start to regain her strength. The hopeful outcome is that Lila’s stomach will start telling her to eat, and she’ll just start eating on her own, allowing us to get the feeding tube removed, and returning her to normal.

The problem now is that we have to separate our cats in different parts of the house. This is to monitor the input and output of Lila, making sure she’s doing alright. Since the cats were joined at the hip to begin with, it’s been tough. But it’s gotta be done, and we’ll get through it.

Wish us luck. Everyone says that this should last 2-6 weeks, so hopefully it’s just 2.

So, my routine now is waking up at 5am with my wife, getting

So, my weekend started with me being sick on Friday. Stomach, bleah, nuff said. I noticed that my cat, who hasn’t been doing well since she had 3 teeth pulled on Feb 28, was really weak.

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A Joke, Then Another Joke

A dung beetle walks into a bar and asks, “Is that stool taken?”

Hannukah Matata. It means no worries, but only for eight days and nights.

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Mnemonic Device for Memorizing the U.S. Presidents

I first came up with one several years ago, but only from Martin Van Buren to Ulysses S. Grant (since that’s who we were studying in American History class at the time). Once we got past that unit, my grade was so good I could just coast for the remainder of the class (which I did).

Recently, I stumbled across a “name all the presidents” quiz at Mental Floss, and I was embarrassed that I kept missing 5-6 presidents. So, I made a mnemonic for the whole batch.

Here’s the quiz:

And my mnemonics:
A. Will anyone just make muffins and jam?
1. George Washington
2. John Adams
3. Thomas Jefferson
4. James Madison
5. James Monroe
6. John Quincy Adams
7. Andrew Jackson

B. Very heavy teaching people teach fairly poor behavior, like jolly Grant.
8. Martin Van Buren
9. William Henry Harrison
10. John Tyler
11. James K. Polk
12. Zachary Taylor
13. Millard Fillmore
14. Franklin Pierce
15. James Buchanan
16. Abraham Lincoln
17. Andrew Johnson
18. Ulysses S. Grant

C. Hey, Garfield’s a cat! How cool, man.
19. Rutherford B. Hayes
20. James Garfield
21. Chester A. Arthur
22. Grover Cleveland
23. Benjamin Harrison
24. Grover Cleveland
25. William McKinley

D. Real threats will hand Carl his rifle.
26. Theodore Roosevelt
27. William Howard Taft
28. Woodrow Wilson
29. Warren G. Harding
30. Calvin Coolidge
31. Herbert Hoover
32. Franklin D. Roosevelt

E. Try everything! Kiss jaded nuns, for Christ!
33. Harry S. Truman
34. Dwight D. Eisenhower
35. John F. Kennedy
36. Lyndon B. Johnson
37. Richard M. Nixon
38. Gerald R. Ford
39. James Carter

F. Rowdy boys create battling ocelots.
40. Ronald Reagan
41. George H. W. Bush
42. William J. Clinton
43. George W. Bush
44. Barack Obama

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North Dakota

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Ever have one of those birthdays…?

So, I’m an idiot.

I think this has been established. But so are you. By the strictest sense, we are all really, really dumb. Add up all of your mistakes, flood them into your brain at the same time, and you are the dumbest person who has ever lived, at least in that moment when your brain is on overload.

I’m an idiot, you’re an idiot, wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too, etc.

So, last week I had another one of those anniversaries of that time I avoided infant mortality. And it dredged up a lot of old crap that I haven’t really wanted to deal with for a long time. This past year, I started regularly seeing a shrink, then abruptly stopped seeing that shrink, then picked it up again four months later. In the course of all of this, mostly in the recent relapse into therapy, I started to talk about my childhood, and how much it sucked.

I mean, it really didn’t suck that hard, from a distant look. I grew up lower (I mean real low) middle class, lower class at times. I ate my share of government cheese, but no one around me was a drunk, no drugs, no prison time in my immediate family. So while low, not incarceratedly low.

My family went through a divorce during all of this; separating when I was 8, divorcing when I was 9. Woo, that was so much fun. And it’s great how much of it I remember too! Especially when I’m the age that my parents were when they split.

I say my family went through a divorce, because parents never go through it, a family does. And I hear the voice of my 8 year old self inside my head all the time going, “Please, try not to fuck this up. I really can’t go through this again. And why don’t you own like every Transformer there is now? What kind of Me are you anyhow?”.

I should really get to the point already. I turned 38 on the 17th. And I wasn’t real happy. Kind of the opposite in fact. A lot of it stemmed from the fact that I don’t really want to have kids, because they’ll remind me of when I was a kid. See, here’s what I can easily remember from when I was a kid: my parents yelling at each other, my mom (who had full custody) yelling at us kids, my dad being absent all the time (partial custody), my sister mostly ignoring the fact I existed except when I was in her way, my brother randomly punching me in the shoulder for no reason to the point I pretty much had a permanent bruise on one/both arms, and me hanging out by myself in my room, mostly reading.

What is a struggle to remember (though the memories are there) are my parents peacefully handing us back and forth for weekend visits, my dad showing us some cool cars an awful lot (mostly owned by a buddy of his who later went to prison for embezzlement, go fig), my mom and I connecting over a movie (which we still connect over), seeing my sister on the upper floor of my grade school shortly into my first grade (where she waved and called me over, so awesome), my brother and I playing a lot of video games and watching the same movies, and me, happy.

It’s funny how the really awful parts of life hang on like a dingleberry, and the easy parts seem to slide right through you.

I’m still hanging onto stuff that I though I had let go. And it sucks, because I don’t even want to talk to the people who, in my dumb memory, purposefully made me feel terrible a really, really long time ago. In actuality, they’re really great people TODAY, and they didn’t do things to me on purpose back then. Divorce wakens demons, and there’s more “me” thoughts than “we” thoughts.

That doesn’t really change the fact that I feel pretty awful right now, today. Dredging up yesterdays newspapers, all covered with mold and birdshit.

I wish I had a closer for this, but I just felt the need to share. Maybe I should be sharing this on an open forum, due to the fact that when I hit “publish”, it’s out there. Forever. But I’m always reminded of I’m employed, still will be, and in that distant time when I need to find employment with someone else, I will find it. I’m just a little broken.

Have a happy new year, and let’s try not to dwell on past slights, or past mistakes. –notice how I didn’t bring up the bad things I did TO my family? My memory cleverly doesn’t remember those things very easily either. I did my share, possibly more than what was done to me. But I’m not having a hard time with the outward-arrows right now, only the incoming ones.

Abrupt end of post.

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All I Want for Christmas

Look, if you really, really want to buy me something for Christmas (everyone else, please disregard this post), get me one of the following, listed in order of most-want to least-want:

1) Donate to one of the charities I support (The Native American Heritage Association: or Alley Cat Allies:

2) Buy something off of my “stuff to buy or drool over forever” list, way down the right-hand column of Bugloaf

3) an Amazon giftcard.

4) an Alamo Drafthouse giftcard.

Or hell, just pay it forward, because I don’t really need anything. I’m not rich, I’m not poor, I’m Goldilocks. I’m actively trying to get rid of a bajillion knick-knacks through donating or eBay, so I don’t really want any more junk right now. I don’t play videogames very much anymore, I don’t collect comic books, I barely read anything these days. I’m trying to find my inner minimalist. So yeah…thanks, but no thanks.

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Five Millimeters

I have to go to the bathroom.

But I just got McDonald’s.

I’m too lazy to go to my desk yet.

I’ll be fast.

There’s no room in the stall.

I’ll leave it on the counter.

I’ll be fast.

I’m not being fast.

I have to do more than I thought I would.

Somebody’s going to take my food.

Nobody will take my food.

Yes they will.

They’ll think I’m occupied,

grab my food before I can see them,

and just leave with my coffee and my oatmeal.

What am I going to do then?

I’ll taze them.

Before they leave, I’ll jump out, and taze them.

I’ll get up, not even pull up my pants,

wave my junk at them, and taze them.

I don’t have a tazer.

But in my mind, I do.

I’ll warn them first, but they won’t believe me.

So I’ll taze them.

Then, while they’re on the floor,

I’ll get myself together,

wash my hands,

grab my food

and leave.

I have to hide my tazer.

I’ll hide it behind the drawer

in the desk that nobody uses.

When the guard comes back

and asks me about the tazing

since they saw me walk out of the bathroom

on camera

I’ll tell them “I don’t have a tazer.”

They’ll have to search my desk

But they won’t be able to justify

searching them all.

The tazer will sit there

For a year

Until a new person is hired

And wonders why their drawer stays open

five millimeters.

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A couple short notes

1) I turned off the WordPress snow. It was annoying me.

2) My wife is awesome. She made me an Advent Calendar of beer. Not every day’s beer is different, but every day’s beer ranges from good to excellent.

3) I just hit post #7777 with my last “Amazeballs” link-dump, and my Chrysler 300 is about to hit 77,777 miles on my commute home from work today. If I was superstitious, I’d play the lottery. I’d like to think I’m above such things. I’m probably not, so I probably will.

4) Yesterday in northern Virginia (where I’m locale’d), it was 61 degrees Fahrenheit. In southeast South Dakota (where I was spawned), it reached a windchill of 61 degrees Fahrenheit…below zero. HA HA suckers!

That’s it for today, kiddos. Have some happy holidays, why dontcha? Except for Hanukkah, since it’s over. Not that Jews can’t have a nice day on Christmas though, since they’ll probably get the day off. Or Kwanzaa, because if they’re a government worker, they’ll probably get a couple days off in there too. But you know what I’m saying. Happy…something. And don’t drive like an idiot. Drive like your friends are in all the other cars on the road. 99.99% of them don’t openly mean you harm. The bad drivers are probably just being careless, and don’t know the harm they do to you or anyone else by driving like crap. Remember: there’s no such thing as anger. Anger is just a result of sensing disrespect, and reacting accordingly. Realize other drivers probably don’t disrespect you. They ‘nothing’ you. You mean nothing to them, except as an obstacle between them and where they’re going. If they drive like captain-insano speeds, let them go. Remember: even driving the speed limit, you’re going CRAZY fast compared to how fast people could go 100 years ago. The ability to travel faster than 20mph didn’t exist for nearly all of human history, unless a person was falling to their death. Relish it, and don’t pay too much attention to the idiot in the next car over.

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So It Goes

I was looking for Windows 97 wallpaper (yes, that’s 97, not 98), and I just know that I’ve got the turquoise version buried on Bugloaf’s archives somewhere (probably several times over, actually). I spent a good half-hour looking for it, before doing an image search on Google and locating it in 30 seconds. I found it on this page: like It’s still not “quite” what I’m looking for (mainly, a .jpg), but perhaps the .zip file on the site includes it. At any rate, there was once going to be a Win97, before it got pushed back to 1998. Which is also probably why year-based Windows OS releases were phased out in favor of other methods (ME, XP, 7, 8, etc).

While not an exciting story, it helps to explain how my life sometimes is. I just freaking want to do something one way, when the answer lies with someone else, accessible within 30 seconds. I’d still rather search my own databanks for information, partly because looking through old stuff (memories, quotes) is painful, but it’s also nice to see how far I’ve grown as a person.

You’ve probably noticed that Bugloaf doesn’t exactly update daily anymore. Or weekly. Well, life moves pretty fast, and all that. It’s not that I don’t have the free time to update Bugloaf. It’s that I really need to do some other things more often. This site is incredibly time consuming for a hobby. It’s been a lot of fun, but sometimes I just want to read a book, go for a walk, get some project done around my house, and all that. I don’t tend to surf the internet nearly as much as I used to, so it’s also harder to come up with stuff for this site. The stuff I do grab is pulled almost entirely from sites in my lengthy blog-roll, filled with mostly non-blogs.

I greatly appreciate the thousands of hits I’ve had on Bugloaf over the years, and I’m not closing my doors. But I need to get some me-stuff done. So while I’ll be putting some insane amounts of posts on here every month for sure, I’m not sure if I’ll be updating any more often than that.

I just mainly wanted to give you a heads-up, and to say thank-you for visiting. Presurfer,, and Reddit are waiting for you to visit.

Your webjunk poster,


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Go Drink Some Green River Soda

Sorry for no posts the last few days. I haven’t had much time just lately. I still tweet now and then (, and I snagged another Twitter handle ( for a fan tweet-page for Green River Soda (the best soda ever made), but neither one is so time consuming that I wouldn’t have time to post on here…except that I don’t. I don’t know that I’m making any sense, so I’m going to have some more wonderful soda now.

By the way, my subscription to is about to expire, on November 15. If you want it after then, it’s yours. I’m obviously not doing anything with it right now.

Have a fantastic day, and drink more Green River!

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Every once in a while, I come up with new names for this site. I used to rename this site every year or two to relieve boredom. However, I have too many daily visitors to do that now. Not that I’m making any money off this, but still, I don’t want to piss off people who actually bother to pay attention to the things that I find funny on the internet.

So, I’m not going to change the site/domain. But I still like to think, what if, were I to start a brand-new site, what would I name it? I just got into a Reddit discussion (, and I mentioned the Heaven’s Gate Cult, or the comet cult from the 1990s. I googled “comet cult” to find their name, and I found a creepy-ass video (, and that was that. But the name “comet cult” just rolls off the tongue. I thought it’d make a great band name, or at least, a great website name. But was taken. However,,, and best of all, are available. So I started drawing logos for The Komet Kult…and realized that, in my opinion, 2 k’s is uncomfortably close to KKK, especially when spelling words that begin with “C” instead with “K”.

So, to anyone who can get past the uneasiness, is available. You’re welcome!

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Why Am I So Jaded About NFL Football And Everything Else, It Seems?

My heart just isn’t into American Football this year. I mean, I still capitalize it, so I must hold it in some esteem. But I just can’t get myself to give a shit about my team. I know next to nothing about our lineup, I only watched half of their first-week game, completely missed yesterday’s game except for highlights…it’s almost as if I don’t care. I switched lanyards at work back to my black-and-white Hawaiian themed one. I’d switch my car’s license plate holder if I had something else to switch to…I mean, it’s not like previous years. My team, The Minnesota Vikings, has always been fair-to-good on their win-loss ratio. They made it to the Super Bowl 4 times, all losses, all before I was born. They lost at the NFC Championship twice in almost the same exact way twice in the last 15 years. It’s not like there aren’t worse teams. And my “ho hum” attitude isn’t about their record. It’s just…football. And sports. I just kinda don’t care anymore. Maybe it’s indicative of other things too. The only things I really enjoy doing anymore are playing World of Warcraft, and watching Breaking Bad (on 2nd season, won’t catch up before the series finale, sadly). And maybe going to movies, but it’s hard to just enjoy movies anymore. I just feel…held back. By myself. Restrained. And bored, with no ambition to do anything about it but whine about it here. And the things that used to make me feel good (supporting my team, win or lose) just don’t make me feel anything anymore. I’m just hopelessly blah. Except for the very mild euphoria of WoW and Breaking Bad, which is just a sort of Walter Mitty-esque tale of a High School teacher daydreaming about being something more, except he actually succeeds. I shouldn’t say “just”, because it’s actually a great TV show, maybe one of the best ever. I love the pace. Slow but interesting. Shocking at times. It helps shake me out of my fugue, or at least gloss over the fact that it’s there, for 45 minute increments. I had a nice marathon yesterday, killing 5 or 6 episodes. And I, for a little while, felt pretty good. I just wish I could feel good without having to immerse myself so much in things that aren’t real. If it wasn’t raining, I’d just go for a nice, long hike after work. Clear the cobwebs.

I just spoke to an old co-worker of mine earlier. Sadly, he’s going through a divorce. Not sad because of the breakup of the marriage, because sometimes that’s just destiny; no matter how much you try, some marriages just have an expiration date. Sad because he’s paying a very large alimony check. Which is perhaps entirely fair in his situation, but it still just sucks. I hadn’t talked to him in a year, maybe 16 months, and he asked how things were on my end. I had to tell them they were exactly the same. Different, but not really. Nothing changes in a year, unless you have an Earth-shattering event, something no one ever really wants. Nothing changes, and nothing really should in most cases, no matter how much you want it to.

I hate feeling sorry for myself, but it’s why I got a blog in the first place. I just started putting funny crap on here instead of blogging. I think I’m more-or-less done doing that, except maybe for a huge dump like once or twice a month. I’m sorry, but I’ve had my time for Bugloaf the funny site. And maybe I’ll be a liar. I’ve killed this blog a few times in the past. But this time feels more permanent. I mean, it’s not really dying. It’s just not going to be a real daily-site anymore. At least that’s my gut feeling.

I know things can get better. I just wish they would already. It’s like eating McDonald’s cheeseburgers every day. It’s not like they’re bad. They aren’t. They just aren’t any good. It’s mediocrity maxed. Blandiose: A grandiose amount of bland. I think I’ll use that as my tagline now.

I’m sorry if you came here expecting more funny crap. Might I recommend Presurfer, Bits and Pieces, or heck, Reddit? They’re all in my links-list at the right.

I hope you have a less-mediocre day than yesterday. I’m going to get an iced coffee. I’d bring you one, but, you know.

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Bambi Vs Godzilla

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I Finally Hit My Limit With This Stinking Website!

I just hit my 3GB limit on my blog! (It only took…let’s see, 2006 to now…oh, 5 years and change). I’m going to put off buying more space until after I get back from vacation next week. In the mean time, there are still posts set to roll for a few days.

Now, if this was some kind of charity site, I’d ask for money. But seriously, I can afford the upkeep of Bugloaf. To upgrade to another level of storage is a whole Twenty United Statesian Dollars. That’s like 4 trips on our local Northern Virginia Toll Road. BFG.

If you really want to send your money somewhere, might I recommend my charity-of-choice, Doctors Without Borders? They’re wonderful, helping out in places like Haiti when not that many other people were doing so following the recent earthquakes a couple years back.

Anyhow, I just had to share that. Have a great week, and I’ll be adding more stuff when I return next week. Be excellent to one another! -Aaron

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I…ARGH…really?….I…I can’t….*sigh*….

Lately, I’ve been going back through old posts, and assigning them a ‘category’, since many of them are in the MISC bin, uncategorized. And while most of the posts still fall within my sense of humor, occasionally I’ve been coming across an awful post that I had no right posting within my own measure of good taste. This isn’t from ten years ago, but the first quarter of 2012. And I can’t really believe some of the crap I put up on here, when I had more time to quality check than I do now. But I hold to my belief that deleting old stuff (even if the videos have been taken down from YouTube) is just a bad idea, because it’s an endless process of looking at the past. But somehow categorizing is okay. I’m not sure how I get away with this. But coming this Thursday, I will be away from Bugloaf for a week, so I won’t have to think about such things.

Oh yeah, I’m going to the land of my roots this week. That’s Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota, in that order. Where we will proceed to see many flat fields of crops, and maybe drive past the birthplace of one James T. Kirk, until Bad Robot messed everything up. With lens flares.

So, things are going into a bin, and hopefully coming out okay, for a week. If anything is truly messed up, I’ll probably *try* to fix it on my smartphone without much success, because, *smart*phone.

I hope you have a great week regardless. I’m not exactly leaving yet, I guess. I’ll kill some time by depleting the MISC folder, and writing my fanfiction about Judas Iscariot (who was, I just discoverered, the Treasurer for the 12 apostles of one J. Christ, esq.), and the budget meeting just following the capture of JC, upon which Judas is adding 30 pieces of silver to the assets, as petty cash until a more permanent placement is decided later.

In the meantime, be sure to check out my past posts that are more properly organized than ever before. And my awful memes, which are still there. One word: courage.

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Link Dump

Statue of Liberty myths and truths:

Pacific Rim is #1 internationally! At least they get the movie overseas! If you haven’t seen it, please do. It’s my favorite movie of the 2010s, so far.

The Amazing FishCam! (second-oldest webcame on the WWW):

The Last Question by Isaac Asimov (1956, a short but great read):

A couple simple tips for using Pandora:

Why Google should buy Detroit:

American Paganism and The Statue of Liberty:

Ten fictional characters named (insultingly) after real-life people:

The invention of Jaywalking was a massive shaming campaign:

“Ask Ayn Rand” by John Hodgman:

Poll says DS9 had the best Star Trek uniforms.

(I disagreed with the last post, and on Reddit I put the following order: TNG Captain’s away uniform, TOS Star Trek 2-6, Abrams-Verse standard, TOS standard, TOS mirror universe, DS9/VOY standard, TNG standard, Season 3-7, TNG standard, Season 1-2, Abrams-verse dress, TOS Kirk green captain, TOS Star Trek 1 (The Motion Picture), TNG Star Trek 8-10 dress uniforms, ENT standard, TNG Star Trek 8-10 Standard, TNG dress uniforms, DS9/VOY dress, TOS dress uniforms.

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What’s It Like to Have a Brother With Autism?

If I were a kid today, I would probably be diagnosed with Aspberger’s, or mildy autistic. I still have some unusual quirks and ways of doing things. I’m very lucky, because it wasn’t more serious, and required only a moderate amount of care growing up. I didn’t learn to walk, talk, or read on-time, and I had to learn in my own way. I eventually became a US Air Force vet and a college graduate, but I had to do things differently, and again, in my own time and pace.

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Reading and Other Stuff

I haven’t done a pure commentary post in probably a year, and since it will quickly get buried under a plethora of posts, I don’t feel too big of a risk just coming out and talking for a few minutes.

I’m reading the third of the Hunger Games books, “Mockingjay”, and it’s pretty decent, as long as the whole love triangle crap stays in the background. That is perhaps my only gripe about the books is playing up Katniss as a hot-and-bothered chick, all sad about the trials of her two beau’s. It feels too Twilight for my taste.

That reminds me of something that happened to me last year, maybe the year before. At that point, I wasn’t really paying attention to how romance-novel-y the Twilight books were. I just heard stuff like, “The next big fad books after Harry Potter”, and I decided to start reading them. I bought what I thought was the first book (It was actually “Breaking Dawn”), and I got a really strange look from a young cashier at Books-a-Million in Leesburg, Virginia. She was really rude to begin with, carrying on a conversation with another employee while she was helping me. And then she kind of looked like she was touching rancid meat when she had to handle the book. Which, I found out, is because it was the literary version of meat well past its prime.

Thankfully, before I had a chance to read it, I found out a little more about the books, and I was able to return it, using the excuse that I didn’t realize it wasn’t the first in the series.

I don’t know what this story has to do with anything, other than “I really dodged a bullet”. But, thinking back, the books are probably worth reading. I mean, it’s the old Elvis explanation. “50 Million Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong!”. I’m guessing they’re probably a very easy read, much like the Hunger Games books are. The vocabulary of the HG books are pretty limited, like maybe a 6th to 8th grade reading level. That makes them cruise by, killing a third of the book within a couple days of lackadaisical reading. So, if my local library has them, maybe I’ll zip through the Twilight books after all. Who knows, I might be inspired to write myself, since I might say, “Sheeet, I can write better than she can!”, or something to that effect, in a more white, mid-western USA accent.

Anyhow, I don’t really have a point here. I’m try…(unfinished, decided to post anyhow).

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I Forgot Bugloaf’s Birthday!

I’m over a month late, but Bugloaf was technically born on May 27, 2006, as “The Best of Omaha” blog. A pun, it actually was supposed to be the worst stuff on the internet, or the type of stuff I enjoy perusing.

It took until September of ’06 before I really started rolling with the site, and another year or 2 to iron out what I really wanted the site to be.

Anyhow, seven years of fun, and more to come, yada yada. No fanfare necessary.

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I Made a Friend

fireflyI snapped this rather blurry photo 4-5 years ago at the July 4 gala in Leesburg, Virginia, when we were grooving to the band, waiting for the fireworks to start.

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Remember 1990?

Edit #1: I mainly remember this as “198x, but slightly worse” in terms of music and movies. Days of Thunder is a slightly worse remake of Top Gun (in my weird opinion, just go with it), Robocop 2, that Billy Joel song, MC Hammer being a slightly-to-very-much worse version of real rap, etc.

Edit #2: I also remember that it was around this time, on MTV News of all places, that they had human-interest piece about this guy representing “The Society for the Advancement of Time”, or something very similarly named. Basically, it stated that, since it was the 1990s now, that we should shift away from the overblown pop culture of the 1980s already. If he would have been patient and waited for Grunge (ie Seattle Punk) and Gangsta Rap to take over in about 1991-’92, then I think he would have been satisfied. I think about this guy now and then, and how it’d be nice to advance past some of the music types we’ve been stuck with for the last few years (especially in Country music, which sounds just as awful as when the Dixie Chicks first came to prominence over a decade ago). But then, I’ve been delving into the past more and more, discovering for myself the wonderment of such acts as Bing Crosby, 54-40, and the more obscure tunes of Bruce Springsteen and Aerosmith, that I don’t feel as urgent a need to have brand new rock be relevant in my life any longer.

Those are my 32 cents.

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Disney Whale Uvula

I was sitting here, bored, at my work desk, and I stuck my thumb into my mouth and touched my uvula. Basically, just to see if I could. I didn’t gag (which as an insecure straight male, makes me mildly uncomfortable), but it also reminded me of this Disney cartoon about a whale opera singer, with an enormous uvula.

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Sorry for the Repeating Pics

Somehow my organization system went to hell last night, when, insomniac Aaron (me), decided to update a month’s worth of posts on Bugloaf here. So, there are repeats, and repeats of repeats. Sorry about that, but frankly, I don’t have the time to fix it just now, so…yeah, live with it? Again, sorry, but at least you didn’t pay for this, right?

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Just a Quick Joke

Why do chicken coops have two doors? Because if they had four doors, they’d be chicken sedans.

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My Last Days – Zach Sobiech

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I have a dilema…

So, I’m at work, and I have the ability to dig through my “Misc” category pile, and properly categorize those posts as something more accurate. However, I don’t have the ability to keep those posts as their original date, only as today’s date. This is due to the lack of pop-up menus, something I can’t control on this computer. So, everything (Christmas, Halloween, etc) comes up as today, instead of their original dates. Also, videos that worked in the past might not work today, since YouTube users sometimes close their accounts, etc.

So, I have a dilema. Do I go back and change all of those miscellaneous posts to correct categories, and also delete the posts that have non-working videos? Or do I even bother? So far, I haven’t bothered much, going back only as far as last December. But my inner anal-retentive chef wants to eliminate the “Misc” pile entirely, especially since it’s the largest category.

I don’t expect an answer from you, I’m just voicing a concern of mine. This is a blog, and here is one of my few true “blog”-y posts.

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What I Did Last Weekend: I Saw A Batmobile (replica)

And it was amazing. This is my favorite Batmobile, despite not loving the show when I was a kid. The car itself is just amazing.

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This is a list of stuff I’m going to be posting (along with other links) over the next week. You aren’t really supposed to see this. But I’m forced to use an outdated broswer (IE7…*sigh*), and either it took a serious dump, or the security settings are just high enough to prevent pop-up windows. What this means: I can’t change the visibility of this post to “private”.

Good news for you, I guess, because below are the unformatted chunks of datalinks that will become posts on Bugloaf. Visible for a few hours, because that’s how long it’s going to take for me to get to a decent computer (with a decent browser using technology from this freaking decade) and make all this junk private again, to eventually post it over the next week or so.

My favorite link includes the words “ducktales” and “wonderland”. It’s a really good read.’s+dreams&sourceid=ie7&,92324/–10-000-223349760.html!,r:0,s:0,i:100&tx=39&ty=47!

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A Quick Confession

I have never liked “The Office”. It makes me feel constantly uncomfortable, which is entertainment to some (re: Monk), but not to me. I feel even more-so about the U.K. original version of The Office, and it makes me never want to watch Ricky Gervais in, well, anything.

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Bugloaf Issues

Last week I took a vacation to South Dakota and Iowa. I don’t like to broadcast when I go places, because it’s not too terribly difficult to figure out where a person lives, and relieve them with all of their cool stuff (of which I don’t have much, to tell you the truth). Before I left, I setup enough stuff to post while I was gone to keep Bugloaf rolling without my guidance. However, now that I’m back at work, I can post as much live stuff as I want, as long as it’s a YouTube video. I can’t post any pictures, and I can’t schedule anything to post later; any pictures being posted were scheduled before I left on May 1st. At home WordPress works fine…but I’m lazy when I get home, especially since I re-bought Kingdom Hearts for my ol’ Playstation 2. However, just for you, I’ll schedule a bunch of stuff for this week, starting tomorrow. Until then, I’ll be posting YouTube videos, and a lot of them. Enjoy!

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Friends Win

palI wish I had the balls to do this when I was younger, though I’m pretty freaking happy with my wife-choice. Almost absurdly so, lately. Ever get times a weird sync-up occurs between you and your significant other? Yeah, I’m riding that wave right now.

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You Will

funny_youwilllearnsomethingfrommeA friend of my from the USAF once sent this to me, and used it to describe my look (hirsute) and personality (Hey! I have something cool you need to know!). I took it as a compliment.

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Tattooed Pierced Woman

funny_Piercings.There’s a beauty to body art. The only problem I have with piercings and tattoos is that, when I was still single, I was so intimidated by women who had even half of this woman’s body art. I was basically afraid to ask them out, because I was amazed by their bravery, and I thought they were 10 times cooler than I was, having only a few earrings at the time, and no tats. Now, at age 37, I want to make fun of someone who looks like this, partly because I’m still intimidated by their appearance. I also think that this many piercings puts you at a disadvantage in the workforce; but at the same time, you have to be yourself or you may end up hating yourself.

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downsized_1122091530I snapped this shortly after I moved into my townhouse in September, 2008. It would have been cool to line up the fill-line in the glass with the can, and the horizon-line. Still, pretty neat for a quick snapshot.

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Not Much on the Boston Marathon Bombing

It’s not Bugloaf’s place to make profound statements. But my thoughts go out to those injured and the families of those killed in the Boston Marathon bombing. Thankfully, the deathtoll was very low, and those injured were worked on almost immediately. The medical and non-medical heroes yesterday are in my thoughts today as well.

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April 13, 2013 · 1:12 pm