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I have a dilema…

So, I’m at work, and I have the ability to dig through my “Misc” category pile, and properly categorize those posts as something more accurate. However, I don’t have the ability to keep those posts as their original date, only as today’s date. This is due to the lack of pop-up menus, something I can’t control on this computer. So, everything (Christmas, Halloween, etc) comes up as today, instead of their original dates. Also, videos that worked in the past might not work today, since YouTube users sometimes close their accounts, etc.

So, I have a dilema. Do I go back and change all of those miscellaneous posts to correct categories, and also delete the posts that have non-working videos? Or do I even bother? So far, I haven’t bothered much, going back only as far as last December. But my inner anal-retentive chef wants to eliminate the “Misc” pile entirely, especially since it’s the largest category.

I don’t expect an answer from you, I’m just voicing a concern of mine. This is a blog, and here is one of my few true “blog”-y posts.

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This is a list of stuff I’m going to be posting (along with other links) over the next week. You aren’t really supposed to see this. But I’m forced to use an outdated broswer (IE7…*sigh*), and either it took a serious dump, or the security settings are just high enough to prevent pop-up windows. What this means: I can’t change the visibility of this post to “private”.

Good news for you, I guess, because below are the unformatted chunks of datalinks that will become posts on Bugloaf. Visible for a few hours, because that’s how long it’s going to take for me to get to a decent computer (with a decent browser using technology from this freaking decade) and make all this junk private again, to eventually post it over the next week or so.

My favorite link includes the words “ducktales” and “wonderland”. It’s a really good read.’s+dreams&sourceid=ie7&,92324/–10-000-223349760.html!,r:0,s:0,i:100&tx=39&ty=47!

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I needed somewhere to put this…

BUGLOGOI’m trying out this multi-font logo, seeing if it looks good placed somewhere on the site. I swiped the idea from this fantastic midway sign posted on Reddit. I’m not sure what I want to do with it yet…I don’t really want to replace my Bakery logo I’m currently using. But I figured I’d post this here, allowing me to grab the file and tweak it, etc. Sure, I could have done this all transparent to you, the reader, but this is an easier method, and I’m a very lazy guy.

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New Logo (again)

Sadly, I wasn’t satisfied with the Bugloaf logo, thus I changed it yet again. Despite the fact that I can’t draw a cursive “f”, I think it came out rather well.

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New Logo for Bugloaf

I created a new Bugloaf logo using this simple (but fun) painting program. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it.

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Advantage of a Blog over Facebook

1) When I post a rant (like this one), I hardly ever get a response. This means I’m almost always unchallenged, and almost always 100000% right. Almost all the time. But it’s not that I don’t want you to comment. I just really need for you to agree with me when you do.

2) Zero annoying posts from other people. Yeah, I don’t want to hear about your business. I don’t need to know which party you’re going to, or concert, or whatever. I miss the links some of you post, but it’s the price I have to pay.

3) Living in a bubble of my own making. I don’t have any idea what’s going on. It’s like that year I was high almost every day. Or just like 1995. Yeah, I miss 1995. Not enough to get baked 24/7 again, because that shit got expensive. And I flunked out of college. I don’t really need to do that again. Plus, it was all dial-up internet. And AOL. I’m never going back in time. If anything, I’m going to go 30 years into the future, to buy a used 25th-generation game console and a bunch of games for $200, and a uber-HD TV (or whatever they’ll have by then…Brain-jack TV?), again ‘used’ (unless it’s completely unsanitary to re-use a brain-jack, then maybe I’ll have to buy a new but low-end model), and come back here to play to my heart’s content. (I bet Star Wars really gets awesome after George Lucas dies in that bizarre AT-AT accident in 2032.)

4) I don’t get any emotional effect, except when I stumble upon a political website. Which I try to close immediately. But then I see that Arnold has some lovechild or some crap. What the Hell, man? You’re this generation’s John Wayne. You’re supposed to be above that BS. Doesn’t any celebrity stay married and faithful anymore? I’m talking to you, Cox-Arquettes. You were awesome. The stability-meter in Hollywood. And then you split? I wish you two could work it out. It brings hope to the universe.

5) What was I talking about? I have no idea. By the way, I’m reading the book, “Under The Dome” by Stephen King. I thought it’d be the dramatic adaptation of The Simpsons Movie, but it’s actually really, really good. Seriously, I’m over 300 pages in (out of almost 1100), and it just keeps getting better. I highly recommend it, at least through the first third. It actually made me excited about reading again. Stephen King is my hero, for at least 8 reasons now.

6) Sadly, the first thing I thought about when I heard about Arnold’s love child is, “Cool, maybe they’ll make a movie together someday!”. It’s not like he doesn’t already have kids. I hope that the kid is pretty sheltered and out of the media spotlight though, but probably not.

7) Arnold Arnold Arnold….first you get in bed with Enron to push Gray Davis (a semi-decent Governor) out of office. Yeah Enron, the guys who monkeyed with the power in Cal-uh-for-nee-yuh, potentially killing over 100 citizens of your state due to accidents and what-not. And then have a mediocre term…and finally this love-child thing? What the hell?! I hope Maria returns to work after all this. And that she puts on some weight, she’s way too thin. But she was always a good reporter.

8) Yeah, I don’t know why I’m even bothering to number this anymore. In fact, I think I’ll just read for a while. Have a great day.

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I’ll be playing around with the formatting and whatnot on the ol’ Bugloaf site for a day or 2. I’ve never really been happy with the most recent look, so I scrapped it and found another template to use. A couple things are bothering me though. First, I can never seem to get the text “Bugloaf” logo to center properly, so I tossed it out altogether, and I found a cool stock photo image to use. It wasn’t that expensive, and it looks cleaner than my homemade image I drew in Microsoft Paint.

This took way, way too long to draw. Seriously. (This took way, way too long to draw. Seriously.)

The old logo (which I’ll probably be keeping for my fledgling Facebook page) was supposed to be kind of kludgey-looking, to denote a lack of seriousness on this site. But I wanted something just a little more…professional looking. Even if it took away from the tone. Plus, that green fly is kick ass looking.

So, is a bug “on” a loaf of fruit bread the same thing as a bugloaf? I don’t know. But I do like this look better than the previous look.

I still have a couple little problems though. 1) I can’t figure out how to get rid of the “Home” button near the top. I don’t need it, since I don’t use menus on this site. Maybe I should use some menus to organize the most popular search topics on here, but for now, meh, don’t feel like it. 2) I wonder how the heck to center the text “Bugloaf” on here. What I’ll likely end up doing is incorporating a stylized Bugloaf logo in with the green fly, maybe over to the left of it similar to what Topless Robot does on their site. 3) I wish I could increase the width, or find a good flexibile-width template, without spending a lot (or any) money, and without needing to learn CSS (which I really don’t want to do right now, but I’ll probably be forced to learn CSS in the near future regardless).

So, there are the inner workings of this site, in a nutshell.

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Bugloaf got put in the corner for a time out on Monday. That’s because I had over 100 posts waiting in the wings to kick off between now and the end of November, plus a smattering of posts to kick off later (like Jackie Chan’s and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays, along with my yearly Valentines Day video of Perfect Strangers). I’m trying to work my way up to 8-10 posts a day, and currently for October I’m up to 2, November up to 3.

When I tried to add more posts on Monday, I was hit with an error, “WordPress has a problem with some of your content. Please send us an email at this link and we’ll look into it.”. For starters, just freaking tell me what the problem is. Secondly, making me send you an email so you can take your happy time getting back to me is rather annoying…and it was indeed over 4 hours turnaround.

When WordPress finally got back to me, the reason my posting was halted was due to a 100 pending posts limit. I had never heard of this before, but it was likely buried inside one of the EULA-esque pages I had to click through in order to get the site up and going. The reason there is a 100 pending post limit is due to some spammers that were apparently abusing the system. Which to me makes no sense. A spammer, by definition, sends emails out to people. A blog requires someone to visit. Maybe a link in a spam-email directed someone to a spam-blog…but in this case, why have more than a few posts? Maybe I’m just not seeing it.

What really burns me is that the email reply from WordPress made me feel like I had done something wrong, and they backhandedly lumped me in with a bunch of low-life spammers. Seriously, look at my content for the past 4 1/2 years and you know this is an innocent blog, filled with funny links and pictures and an occasional rant like this one. Plus, I have no paid-for advertising on this site, just a couple restaurants and the R2KT link, and a couple blog rolls. That is it.

The silver lining is that, if I want to increase my posts per day, my stuff will have to be a lot more current. I can’t just rest on my long post queue very much. This will end up being a lot more time consuming, but so be it. It just messes up my whole Beautiful Mind / Rain Man setup I had planned out for November in particular. Eh, that’s life.

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Nutraloaf: The Inspiration For Bugloaf is the inspiration for the name “bugloaf”. Nutraloaf is this humane (but horrible all the same) form of punishment. If a prison inmate is naughty, they have to eat this instead of regular “good” food.

Everytime I see the word “nutraloaf”, I interpret it as “nutloaf”, which sounds nearly as terrible. And to out-do nuts, I decided bugs would do.

Another thought: either nutraloaf or bugloaf would probably also make a manned trip to Mars nutritiously survivable, but not all that enjoyable.

Click the picture or [here] for the full story on Nutraloaf.

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No, it’s still DakotaEast. Sorta.

I’m trying something different. Just bear with me.

Earlier today I read this story about Nutraloaf, which is a nutritional replacement for so-called “good prison food”. Nutraloaf is used as punishment, since it’s almost tasteless, looks like fruitcake, and has a similar consistency. I thought that was one of the more disgusting things I’d ever heard of…then I went looking for domain names. Unfortunately it was taken. However, as I scoured through other disgusting-sounding ‘loafs’, I found that was available. So I figured, what the heck.

I spent maybe an hour designing a logo in MS Paint (which, in converting from a bitmap to a WordPress-acceptable JPG, completely hashed the logo, to my amusement), and I chose a different WordPress template, and so here I am.

I’ve been wanting to simplify this blog a little more lately. The left/right borders always seemed a little “news-site” to me. This is a blog, and it should be simple to read and digest. My favorite blogs right now have extremely simple designs, even when compared to my current design.

So, for a simpler version of Dakota East, I bring you ‘bugloaf’.


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Yet I Still Get Excited When I Break 10 Visitors

I’ve had the thought before…why don’t I try harder with this blog/site/blag/whatever? I mean, I still get excited when I break 10 visitors in a single day. Here, let me show you my most recent breakdown:

So, for the past couple weeks, I haven’t broken 10 visitors a day. I don’t even know if these are the same ten visitors. Most of my new visitors are drawn to the Bill Waterson birthday post I did last years, which still gets like 15 visitors a week. Trust me, almighty Bill, creator of the best comic strip in the history of comic strips (at least since the 1800’s, though the Yellow Kid was some funny stuff back in the day), that was not my intention. Though that statement is incredibly moot since Mr. Waterson supposedly spends his day painting pictures with his Dad, not going online.

My biggest mental competition to this website, the guy that keeps me going, even with only 10 looks a day (if I’m lucky), is Jason Heath, the guy that runs this blog. Since I actually know the guy who runs that blog (well enough to call him one of my best friends), I figure that creating a successful blog/site/blag should be within my realm of possibility.

But there’s something missing here. And that’s drive.

I have a whole bunch of content I could unleash on here. Not just re-treaded stuff from the internet, but original comics, flash toons, stories, what-have-you. But I’m just too lazy to create them, beyond writing my ideas down and sticking them in one of my huge rubbermaid bins of papers. (Yes, that’s plural. Many, many ideas…). Sure, many of them aren’t good. But seriously, look back on the years of UserFriendly and tell me that a large number of THOSE strips didn’t suck. Or GPF. At times, especially when they went with Star Wars/Trek themed comics (that cemented those story arcs in the exact time period they came out, making them seem hopelessly dated), they were pretty poor.

So, what I’m saying is that the very best of my comics are totally better than the very worst of theirs. But what should I expect? I don’t have to come up with new ideas 7 days a week for years on end! UF is at least 12, and GPF is about the same age.

What do I do? I’m going to be taking classes in Graphic Design next year, so maybe I’ll actually start posting stuff on here when it all goes down. Or maybe I’ll still be doing the same stuff as yesteryear, trying to decide when I’m going to turn this site into something magical. I dunno. For now, I really should be studying for my mid-term in…some class. I honestly forget the name, it means so little to me at the moment. Straight-A’s notwithstanding.

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A little randomness

So, yeah, I don’t pack this site with posts everyday like I used to. My new activity of choice in my spare time is working out, especially since I’m over 50 pounds overweight…well, 45 now that I’ve been working out a month. That’s like a little over a 6-pack of soda that I don’t have to carry around. But I still do, just to make a point. It’s RC Cola, which is much better than you remember. Except that my cans are so old that the soda probably tastes like sheet metal by now. That, and the rings are all yellowed plastic. It’s rather nasty, and yet I still do it. Because making a point, standing up for something, is what America was founded on.

Anyhow, this came to mind:

Yes, it’s the Zelda speedrun. I thought of it since I just watched every episode of The Legend of Neil (at least the ones released so far). I’d link to it, but the whole “The Office” spoof is so utterly disappointing that I stopped watching. If I wanted The Office, I’d just freaking watche The Office. I don’t, so I don’t need The Office in other forms of entertainment that I actually prefer to enjoy instead of actually watching The Office.

It’s not that I hate The Office. It’s just that I don’t like The Office.

So, yeah, there’s that. Wait till Neil figures out there’s a Zelda 2, with SIDESCROOL ACTION!!!

Yeah, I realize there was a typo, but Sidescrool is so much more fun to say.

Anyhow, that’s it. More to come at some point later. As always. There’s always something new, you just have to be alive to see it. Or dead if you believe in an afterlife. But yeah, one way or the other, newness. Yeah.

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Scared of DDO, Poor Pitiful Me, And a Workout Sheet

So, I’m sitting here, quietly typing, hungry but too lazy to fix a meal, and I’m wondering what to do with my night. I work at a job that is either SUDDEN MAYHEM GOING 90 MILES A SECOND HOLY GOD I’M GOING TO HAVE A CORONARY or it’s slow as molassassessss….I have no idea how to spell that. Let’s call it slow as dehydrated maple syrup. Or slow as really old windows, from houses dating to the 1800’s where the glass is really warped and its technically a really viscous liquid and not entirely a solid, although the glass definitely has properties of a solid at the same time. It’s a Slick-wid. I totally made up that word. I’m so freaking awesome.

So, at my job, I either have ZERO free time, or I have gobs and gobs of it. So, within reason, I surf the internet. Now, safe for work sites include Neatorama, BoingBoing, but not really Reddit, since it so easily delves into the “I can’t unwatch this, and I’m going to get fired so quickly for being a complete psycho pervert that I won’t even be able to clean off my desk and I’ll forget and leave behind that really cool puzzle thingie that I only just figured out how to solve with my eyes closed this past week” territory. The problem with surfing at work is, now that I’m home, there’s nothing to read.

I could play a game. I had been addicted to the MMORPG “Dungeons & Dragons Online” (“DDO” to the cool kids) mainly because it’s free, and I’m a cheapskate. Double-win. The only problem was that I exchanged playing this addicting game with moving my body in any kind of motion resembling exercise. Eventually I grew so fat that the thought of myself naked disgusted myself. Seriously, if you’re so fat that your own naked flesh actually turns your stomach, you’re too goddamn fat.

So, I joined a club. I’ve been going regularly for a little over five weeks, and I’ve lost three pounds. It doesn’t seem like much because…it ain’t. I’m taking the slow boat, but I’m just starting to ramp up my workouts to start losing at least a pound a week. Which means I have, at most, 50 more weeks to excercise before I’m at the weight MAXIMUM for the US Air Force. That’s right, I’m 50 pounds heavier than the biggest fat-ass that gets to go to basic training for a belittling campaign to make you feel [-] that big. Joker, why doesn’t anyone like me?

But that isn’t why I’m ranting tonight. See, tonight I worked out on the elliptical trainer at the workout club, burning 888 calories. (Trust me, that number makes sense when you realize I based my workouts on the leveling system for Dungeons & Dragons Online. I’m currently a level four marshmallow man, rank 17 I think.) A pretty decent workout, especially when I’m repeating it 4 more times in the next 8 days. No, my problem is that now, since I’ve showered, cleaned myself up, and so on…I have nothing to do. And I’m afraid to play DDO.

I don’t want to exchange a level of DDO for a pound or two of real life. I want to try to keep going…but heck, I’m really bored! And I’m too tired to leave this couch, even to look in the cupboards for something to eat.

I guess I’ll eventually get up and find something. Or clean out my Tivo. Or something.

I just had to rant and gripe a little bit. Thanks for listening.

By the way, if you’re curious about my “method”, here’s my goal-sheet below. XP is how many calories I gotta burn at a session. I didn’t enter today’s yet, still too tired apparently. Enjoy.

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This is my 1500th blog post! I don’t know what to say!

…no, really. I don’t know what to say. So I’ll put a funny video with a cat named Dakota and a dog named…something.

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Happy 4th Birthday, Dakota East Blog!

If you count my two preceding blogs, Best of Omaha and Kraznoy, then this blog is 4 years old today! To commemorate the day, here’s one of my favorite historical events from my hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota: The Leaning Tower of Zip. I wish I could’a been there, but it’s still funny. The building stayed like that for another couple of weeks until a more traditional style demolition finally took place.

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Blog updating and other borrrrring stuff

I have a condundrum…cunundrum? A problem without an immediately viable solution, since I don’t know how to spell the word that would normally describe such a thing, and I’m too lazy to take my hands off this keyboard and click the spellcheck button.

Anyhow, the problem is this: I’m going through my blog and changing all the posts that have “uncategorized” for their category and putting them into a category…even if it’s Miscellaneous, a word that strangely I know how to spell with no trouble at all.

Although it’s taken over a week and I’m only back to November of last year, that’s not really the problem. That’s a surmountable task, one that is large but defeatable. My problem is an old practice of mine that many bloggers get in the habit of…which is tagging pictures and links to websites after the pictures and/or links disappear. The links aren’t as big of a deal because, unless someone clicks on the link, it’s transparent to the regular viewer. No, my issue is the pictures, which show up as a big white block with a cute little red “X” in the corner. Although it doesn’t specifically say so, I like to think that the red X somehow signifies, “This blogger is a total douchebag (another word I know how to spell, I’m on a roll), and you should just go back to”.

So, in the process of switching all uncategorized posts to categorized, I’m also trying to find viable pictures to upload to the blog, instead of linking to someone else’s pictures. It’s not like I don’t have a lot of usable space on here. I linked-instead-of-uploaded originally because I was too lazy to first download the picture from somewhere, then upload it from my computer.

So…this little hiccup probably doubles the amount of time that I’ll need to spend updating my baby, but it’ll be worth it.

When I get done with the clean-up process, I want to start adding many more daily posts, hopefully to match the 150+ record I had during the month of May 2009. I may start advertising at some point in the distant future, but it will always be unobtrusive and tasteful in nature, although this blog is currently obtrusive and not always tasteful. Naturally.

Anyhow, that’s my recipe for Rocky Mountain Oysters.

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New Design

This post will be completely irrelevant a couple years from now when I will undoubtedly change this blog’s design from this to something else, but who cares? Here’s what my blog just recently looked like: I used the Sunburn motif from WordPress’s standard designs, which had a mainly black background. I opted instead for a white background, and a good, wide layout for the posts. That way the blog would fill left-to-right on both standard and widescreen monitors.

And I finally updated the blogroll to include some blogs I peruse. I haven’t had a blogroll in over a year, when this blog was still named Kraznoy, so it’s nice to have one again.

So, as you visit Dakota East, enjoy the lighter look.

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What Am I Going To Do With You? (commentary)

Okay. I’ve been a blogger for almost 4 years. And I kind of like it. Sure, most of what I do is either grab stuff from other peoples’ sites, or I use Stumble-Upon to find fun stuff to nab. But I have a lot of fun doing it.

To some extent, this is simply a glorified Facebook profile, and all of my links are profile updates. However, since I’d lose all my friends if I put as many things on Facebook as I put on here, there is still reason for this blog’s existence.

I guess what I’m really asking myself (in the form of a public, but little-read forum such as Dakota East) is this: do I want to simply continue as I have been, or do I want to get serious about blogging?

My role-model blog is Bits and Pieces. From what I can tell, that blog started off a lot like my own, but they have grown into a much larger beast. With ad-revenue. I’m sure the revenue still ain’t enough to quit a day-job, but it’s still an income, which is kind of cool. And it’s in the form of a small, somewhat unobtrusive ad.

So, do I want to become the next B&P? Or do I want to just put my little updates here for prosperity?

I haven’t decided. For the forseeable future though, I’ll just continue on as I have been. At any rate, enjoy.



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What happened here on January 5?

I was checking out my blog’s end-of-month stats just to see if I broke 10 viewers in any single day (it usually doesn’t happen), when I saw January 5…what in the world happened?

Ye wonderful graphs, how I love your peaks and valleys...

Oh yeah, Mickey Mouse. I should have known. So, my mention of the little rodent in today’s post will likely unnaturally skew the numbers up yet again. So, if you’re visiting this blog for the first time, Welcome! I…don’t know what else to say really. I have Ritz crackers. And some cans of Pepsi Throwback that I can’t drink due to a caffeine intolerance brought about by working an overnight shift and only sleeping 6 hours a day and basically wrecking myself so I can get through school…I also have this weird blister on my foot, I should upload some pictures…

Are the newbies gone yet? So, it’s just you and me? Good, they were really creeping me out.

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You should check out Slipfinger’s blog. See, he’s one of my favorite follows on Twitter, and I look forward to seeing what he has to say on a daily basis. Check him out here:

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Random thought

It’s fun to look at the stats bar, telling me how many people visited this blog on a given day. Thanks to my Twitter account, I somehow lured almost 100 people here on December 5th. Self promotion works.

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Link Link Link Link Link

Cute Things Falling Asleep

Attackerman, a favorite blog of mine.

Messed up Horror Cakes (fully edible, really disgusting.)

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Happy Birthday, Sioux Falls Strange!


One of my favorite blogs turns Five Years Old today. Dr. Strangelove is a fellow refugee of the Cow God worshipers (Gateway 2000 Tech Support), and has a sense of humor I can relate to. Be sure to check out his site <a href=””>Sioux Falls Strange</a>.

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Fark You! Happy Birthday Fark!

Approximately 12 years ago, was registered by Drew Curtis. It took over a year for the birth of the current version of Fark to emerge, and the rest is history. Be sure to check out the <a href=””>Wikipedia entry for Fark</a> while you celebrate Fark’s Birthday (observed).

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New Look

Well, I’ve imported my blog from Blogger to WordPress. See, WordPress has a bunch of features that Blogger doesn’t. Enjoy the new look as I make various tweaks.

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The problem with blogging

The problem with blogging

Shared via AddThis

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A Slowdown…

Dedicated Readers / Perusers,

The number of cool things you can see here on a daily basis is going to slow to a crawl for a while. I’m still trying to post something new everyday, but not the mass amounts of things I’ve had on lately (which was the case because I needed to clean out my ‘favorites’ folder prior to a hard drive wipe and reload). I just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about my old friend, Best Of Omaha Kraznoy Dakota East. I just need to focus on making some more money, getting college wrapped up, starting a career I actually enjoy, and maybe, who knows, starting a family in the next couple of years. As I start to move more toward multimedia outlets for my imagination, I’ll post my thoughts and inklings on here.

Just one more comment. After the whole Kraznoy debacle, I’m actually very pleased with the web address I ended up with. I hope you are too. Thanks for watching.

– Aaron Burman

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Very rare Orca mass-wave-attack on a Seal. Very cool.

Only the coolest toilet EVER!

Neat Trance song

Free Jigsaw Sudoku

Enter-key doorbell

Galactic center of the Milky Way rises over Texas

Funny but true quote

Best selling car in American history…sold over 450,000 units last year. (funny, true article)

Cool music video from an NYU student

Official Dilbert website, with a long backlog of comics

Mr. Ostrich, don’t mess with the elephant. (animated gif)

100 funny one-liners

Origin stories of various band-names

Serious Lunch (blog) – just a blog I like to peruse once in a while.

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I got a head start on the blog rename and redesign. I’m hoping to switch over to a cleaner template before too much longer, for I think it’s time for something a little fresh on the ol’ blog to match the name and logo. If you have any suggestions, you can comment here. Any and all suggestions are most welcome.

And with that, welcome to!

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This post is for the Kraznoy followers

Well, some spam schmuck grabbed My mistake, it was up for grabs, and that’s how the cookie crumbles. For the time being, I picked the one directional-Dakota domain name that was left. So, get ready for…

It’s not here yet, for it takes a couple days for domain names to fully register on DNS servers. will still take you to this blog, but for the time being (and probably forever), Kraznoy is dead. This blog, however, will live on in its 3rd incarnation.

I’m okay with Dakota East…but I may yet think up another name for this baby down the road. Or I may not. DE is very easy to remember, it invokes memories of home, and it has a double meaning. I’m from Sioux Falls, born in Brookings, and for most of my life I lived in eastern South Dakota. Also, I bring a part of me to the east coast, where I currently reside. So, I may just keep it as it is.

And I promise not to forget to renew my subscription from now on. This was a lesson hard-learned.

Enjoy the blog. The original content that’s saved up will run down to a trickle about mid-July. Then…I either just post written content of mine, or I continue to post stuff from the web…or who knows. I haven’t decided yet. Until then, enjoy this blog as you always have.

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Kraznoy rename?

With the temporary (or permanent, who knows) loss of’s domain name, it made me scratch my head and wonder if a rename is in order.

This blog has had 3 names total. It was BestOfOmaha, DakotaSouth (briefly…now that’s an adult-site so don’t say I didn’t warn you), and then Kraznoy.

In trying to find something similar, I’ve tried all these (all taken): Kraza, Kraze, Krazi, Krazo, Krazu,

….this post went…unposted for over 45 days. I figured I’d just post it.

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Disaster maps of the world – updated regularly.

The Crap Blog. Kind of like this one, but it looks way sharper than Kraz, I have to say.

The World’s Extremes. Largest, longest, highest, etc.

What’s pulling the Milky Way along at 14 million MPH?

Hyper-realistic sculptures by Ron Mueck. Really, really cool.

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Happy 3rd Birthday, Kraznoy!

After many false starts (notably the “Best Of Omaha” blog), was born three years ago today. Then, and now, it’s pretty much been a repository of the junk I pick up online, and the occasional weekly rant about life, cars, and whatnot.

In the three years I’ve been posting on here, I’ve gotten married, nearly completed my post-military committment, wrecked a car, and moved from Omaha, Nebraska to Leesburg, Virginia, and bought my first house in the process (just before the housing bubble burst). It’s been a fun, crazy few years, but hopefully it will calm down a little in the next three.

Going back to Kraznoy, I once explained (in a rather meandering fashion) why I named this blog “Kraznoy”. The original post is Here, but I thought it might be nice to tell you, in a more concise and cogent fashion, why this is Kraznoy, and not something else like

This blog was born under the name “Best of Omaha”. It was meant to be a weak slam against the city of Omaha, Nebraska, where I had lived for a few years. I figured my blog kind of sucked (which, at the time, it really, really did, as opposed to being “okay” now…), and no matter how bad my blog sucked, it was still better than Omaha.

I never really ‘got’ Omaha. It’s a nice city, with a relatively low crime rate in most areas, with an adequate arts and theatre scene, one of the best zoos in the country, and a brand new sports & concert venue, the Qwest Center. From the start though, I didn’t really want to be there. I was stationed at Offutt Air Force Base in next-door-to-Omaha Bellevue, Nebraska.

When I was in the Air Force Technical School near Biloxi, Mississippi, I was given the opportunity of making a wish list of bases in which I was to live and work from the get-go. I made my list, with only a couple overseas choices…and Offutt was not even on my list. Since one of the reasons why I joined the Air Force was to see another place, getting stationed somewhere less than 200 miles from where I was once living (the closest possible base to my hometown, no less) was not my cup of tea. However, the Air Force, in its infinte wisdom, decided otherwise. Long-story-long, in some kind of limp-retaliation against my situation, I started dumping on Omaha.

In the course of my stay in eastern Nebraska, my future wife Sarah moved down from Sioux Falls in order to hopefully advance in her retail career faster, and to be closer to me. My being in Omaha was a blessing in this case. However, I believe, deep down, that if we were really meant to be it wouldn’t have mattered where I was living.

In 2006, I left the Air Force, but stayed in the Omaha area by choice. I had a decent job, as did my wife, and we just didn’t want to move right away. Since I was now in Omaha by choice, I figured it was time to quit dumping on the city, and to change the name of my blog.

The problem was, what to change it to? I had various ideas over the course of a few months, and during this time I chose the temporary name of Kraznoy.

Kraznoy comes from Krasnoyarsk, the third largest city in Russian Siberia, with nearly one million residents. The city also appears in one of my favorite games (and time vampires), Civilization. In the game (the original MS-DOS version still being my favorite) you play one of the great civilizations in history, from the Babylonians to the Americans. In a sort of blend between Risk and Sim City, you build cities and armies out from a central point, and at times, skirmish with your neighbors.

I would normally play a nice-guy version of the game, trying to build where other nations had not, instead of simply conquering cities in blind conquest. However, the Russians were big bullies. No matter how nice I was, or how much larger my civilization was than theirs, the Russians would always attack at my weak points, forcing a confrontation and a total war, eliminating either them or me.

Because I didn’t normally like to play the game for the purpose of complete elimination of my enemies, I would normally play as the Russians. That way I could grow peacefully among my largely benign neighbors.

In the course of the game, you start off with recognizable city names like Moscow, Leningrad (or St. Petersburg), but eventually you’d get less familiar names, like Krasnoyarsk. I loved the hard “K” sound from the start and the end. It was just fun to say (and probably butcher in the pronunciation). Eventually I would use the city’s name in place of swearing. In fact, when I broke my toe, I yelled out “Kraz-noy-ARSK!!!!” instead of sending a torrent of bad words into the atmosphere like a dark cloud.

When it came to naming this blog, I figured my fake swear would be as good a placeholder as anything, until I could find a more suitable name for this blog. After several months of contemplating (and since “” was already taken and turned into an adult website), I decided to simply keep the name, registering I also changed the “S” to a “Z” to ensure the pronunciation remained correct.

So, that’s it, the history of Kraznoy! I’m glad you visited, and hope to see you again sometime. I’ll probably give you another nugget in another year. Until then, happy trails.

– Aaron Burman

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Happy 2nd Birthday, Kanteker’s Craft!

My good friend Mike Colwill maintains a writing blog called Kanteker’s Craft. It’s a fascinating look at a midwestern guy’s life and memories of living in Japan, then returning to the U.S. with his wife, to raise two children. As a writer, I’m sure he would chide me on my run-on sentence there. In the end, you should check out his blog, it’s well worth your time!

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Revamping Kraznoy’s Past

Well, revamping isn’t the right word. I’m not changing anything…it’s just that, until maybe 6-10 months ago, I didn’t use post labels. You know, those hypertexted words at the bottom of the posts, like “cats”, “youtube”, “Star Trek”, and so on. For whatever reason, I just didn’t want labels to be cluttering up the blog. Later, when I finally succumbed to labelling, I kept the labels non-specific yet orderly, like “video”, “neato”, and “writing”. The nice thing about non-specific labels is that there’s only a select few of them, keeping the blog a little more orderly. The problem is that there’s almost no cataloging by doing this. You click on a label, and the list of posts you get is almost exactly the same as what you had previously.

So, finally, I started to put descriptive labels. Sometimes I have 15 labels for a single video. The problem now is that I really should go back and start labeling the really old posts. This blog is largely a form of diary, a record of the way I thought, the books I read, and the stuff I was into a few years ago. If I want to know what videos I was looking at, I have to go all the way back to the time period I posted such videos, instead of simply clicking “videos”.

Anyhow…I just thought I’d share something that I’m slowly doing on this site (yet still putting off by typing this post, apparently). Let’s go feed the time vampire, shall we?

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Boogie Woogie Flu

This blog kind of fits as a bookend to my posting on Bedazzled a couple days ago. This wonderful site contains many downloads and articles regarding Rock & Roll. Very enjoyable!

Boogie Woogie Flu

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Mike Rowe Answers: The Dirty Jobs Blog

Dirty Jobs is one of my favorite shows on TV, and Mike Rowe one of my favorite personalities in any genre. On top of a great show, he regularly answers viewer mail on this blog.

Dirty Jobs: Mike Rowe Answers

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Dinner For One

I was perusing the archives of a couple popular blogs recently, and found this on Neatorama from 12/31/2007. This is “Dinner For One”, which is as much of a New Year’s tradition in Great Britain and Germany, as “It’s A Wonderful Life” is for Christmas here in the states. In a nutshell, this is a story of a woman who, having outlived all of her friends, has the butler act out their roles in their absences. As each toast commences, the butler gets more and more…toasted. It’s a lot of fun to watch, and it’s just 10 minutes.

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Slight Redesign

I really love the very simplistic blog template “Tekka” by ‘Evhead, Glish’, but I miss having a blogroll on the right side of my blog. Recently, blogger added a dedicated blogroll feature that would post the most recent items added to a blog right into the blogroll. I couldn’t resist, so I changed to the Minima-Stretch Blogger template by Jason Bowman.

All of this probably isn’t the least bit interesting to you unless you’re a Blogger member. Call it my history-nerd complex, or the need to know how Kraznoy looked years after the fact.

A while back, I chose to use a Gekko & Fly template for Kraznoy (or the retired “Best of Omaha” blog, I’m not sure which). I highly recommend Gekko & Fly’s templates…except there is a bit more coding necessary when you want to make even cosmetic changes to a site. Since I’m notoriously lazy as far as the technical side of computing goes (hence, the reason why I don’t work as a computer programmer today even though that was my job in the Air Force), I went back to using plain Blogger templates. I found that if I slapped my own title-logo at the top, it didn’t look quite-as-much like just another template. This doesn’t fool many people, but it might fool some.

Anyhow, new look, enough said.

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Profane: The Dirt of Words

For a few reasons, I’ve decided to remove the profanity from this blog. See, I don’t use profanity in my day-to-day life, except maybe for the S-word. See, shit does not disgraces anyone except for the speaker. You have words that disgrace God, sexual intercourse, etc…but the shit, from an external standpoint, disgraces excrement, which really can’t be disgraced further than what it is.

However, I currently have drawings using the finger, a euphamism for male genetalia, and a drawing using the F-word. I don’t “really” need them on here, but those I’ll leave alone. They’ll eventually fall over to the historical archive, so they’ll go away at some point. But any uses of the words in the text I will remove.

I don’t know if that warranted a whole entry, but I promise that I will make future entries on this blog with far less of a basis of “needing to be here”.

Have fun, and in the words of Dr. Strangelove, blessed be.

– Aaron

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