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Possibly the coolest photograph ever. It’s currently my wallpaper. I wish I could look this cool:

Gummi bears & skull:

How The Simpsons totally ‘got’ depression:

Chex boxes perfectly fit together:

Age of Empires, in a nutshell:

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Some excellent Best Picture “losers”:

25 formerly-top-secret bars in New York City:

A whole BUNCH of cool concept cars from the 1960s. (Many of which were 2 decades ahead of their time):

Yoda’s first try at a lightsabre:

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Link Dump

5 early Jerry Seinfeld stand-up clips:

America is a Republic…

Reddit: June 15, 1944:

Top 50 best USA TV theme songs:

How long is a TV marathon?

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Double-take in the pharmacy (mildly NSFW):

The tale of a young Australian animator in Southeast Asia in the 1980s:

20 things you might not know about Super Mario Bros:

The most and least expensive states to live in the USA:!GI07G

Look how far society has fallen…from 1615 to 1915:

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Link Dump

Dividing the USA into regions based on public opinion:

The beautiful (yet small) skyline of Omaha, Nebraska:

The shorter but more vast skyline of Washington, DC:

15 fun facts about one of my favorite movies growing up, Midnight Madness:

Top 10 books in the USA of 2014 (Atlas Shrugged and The Stand both dropped):

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Link Dump

Map of Pittsburgh, Lord of the Rings style: (

The best time to fly during the day:

59-year old Montenegrin bodybuilder: (

The post-filming life of various movie sets:!HeSKr

Gummi bears coming out of a skull:

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Link Dump

Modern musicians can be rather snarky:

So can classical musicians:

Thanos, Darkseid, and Dr. Doom Carpooling:

23 music videos starring pre-stardom celebrities:

1980s Toy Aisles: (via

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Link Dump

Space colony art of the 1970s:

Infants are the drill sergeants of parenting boot camp:

Field of Dreams 25th Anniversary – Where it began:

The Symbiote is airborne!

Clearly Canadian:

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Link Dump

Left hand / right hand:

20 MRI scans of fruit and vegetables:

If someone sends you nudes, just send them this and they’ll leave you alone:

What apple juice really is (NSFW text):

Psychological hacks you can do in everyday life:

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50 cancelled video games you’ll never get to play: (Missing from this list: The Record of Lodoss War game for Sega Genesis that was about 80% done when it was cancelled. A friend of mine got a bootleg copy sent from Japan in the 90s, and it was a great game with a strong basis on the classic Anime mini-series. Too bad.)

Grabbing a frog’s joystick to drive this car: (Reddit comments:

The Citicorp Tower’s Almost Fatal Flaw:

War is good for at least four things:

Different ways to do ‘bald’:

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If alphabet soup was a font, it’d be called Times New Ramen.

Buzzfeed: Six signs your cat actually runs your home:

Dad Joke get-together:

Check out this cat’s whiskers:

Always love a woman for her personality:

How many movie musicals have you seen? (I’ve seen about 1/3. So I’m only 1/3 gay.):

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The Beautiful ‘prise D:

Rick & Morty: The Highest Rank First Season of a Sitcom Since “Arrested Development”:

What happens to your body after you die:

How Hollywood tries to entertain you:

Frank Caliendo doing Superfriends:

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10 ways comedians make us laugh:

A statistical analysis of the works of Bob Ross:

All 64 Stephen King books ranked:×00002 (Some are far lower than I would put them, and vice versa, but whatever, it’s an opinion piece).

Cool/scary things about our technology that aren’t public knowledge:

What’s your favorite song that 90% of us haven’t heard?

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Link Dump

Sex on drugs (of various varieties – eyewitness accounts):

What’s your worst “I’m so f**ked!” moment:

Bluejeans Ninja:

Horrifying (funny) corruptions of coloring book characters:

15 cures for the hiccups:

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Link Dump

13 commercials directed by Wes Anderson:

Impossible car illusion:

11 classic Underoos commercials that they probably can’t air anymore:

Should I call in sick to work today? A math equation:!D9Cah

A toddler singing the blues:!Ezxgh

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Link Dump

Photos of New York City storefronts, 10 years apart:

What classic movies have you seen? (It’s been a few days since I took this, and my score is under 1/3 of the total):

The Cincinnati Museum of Natural History was the basis for Justice League’s Hall of Justice:

A Semi Truck as a Rat Rod:

Insane, impossible sheet music:

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Link Dump

People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. …

How many Freudians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Joker drawn like Harley Quinn:

The top 25 Gamecube games:

Adrian Peterson and the meanest thing anyone has ever said to him:

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Link Dump

Morning routines, men vs women:

Why the age of enlistment is 18:

My new favorite radio station from Frederick, Maryland – The Gamut:

The marketing behind where your cereal box mascot is looking:!CCP2N

Five popular movies, and five arguably better counterparts:

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Link Dump

A MEGA interview with Dan Harmon:

Pascal’s wager, and criticism thereof:

How some great thinkers throughout history managed their time:

1974 Saab Sonett III: (Gorgeous car)

21 things you might not know about Raiders of the Lost Ark:

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Link Dump

17 Great Movies that Initially Flopped:

A Great Gene Roddenberry Quote:

11 classic youth novels updated for today:

Ferrari 612 GTO:


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Link Dump

The ten best TED talks:

The most terribly depressing comic ever (there’s a tiny NEXT hyperlink at the very bottom):

Batmobile transformers:

A brief history of the post-credit sequence in modern movies:


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Link Dump

Nice Arms! (Popeye meets Megaman):

Which pet should you get? (flowchart):!DDyiO

DIY Home Theater – on a budget:

21-year old David Letterman’s radio show:

The Hidden Pineapples of Psych, Season 2:

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Link Dump!!!

Definitive 1970s Hi-Fi, Hip-Hop & Disco Playlist by Questlove of The Roots:

The Swedish Tiger:

I found a save point!

The Black Hole:

If you were to put a werewolf on the moon…

It’s the bearded bus:

The ten most-and-least common jobs in America today:

A quick chart of how people die:

The next superhero movie: American Hustle

Bird with a top hat:

Chad, your graduation…

Why does a minor key sound so sad?

Interview with Kurtwood Smith (Red Foreman from That 70s Show, among many, many other roles):–201908?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=LinkPreview:1:Default

How many million lines of code go into various programs and devices:

What Jeanie’s bottle from I Dream of Jeanie looks like before the paint (it’s a Jim Beam Christmas Special bottle):

If World War I was a bar fight:

Awesome tattoo idea (SFW):

How to build a video game cabinet:

26 artists whose best known songs are covers:

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Twitter:

An open letter from the Death Star architect:

Jim Belushi remembers his brother John:

Lightning McQueen gettin it on (terrible photoshop, but it made me laugh):

An exorcism in Hell (comic):

65 songs you’ll never be able to listen to the same way again:

What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen in a theater? (Mine was a film called Spaced Invaders. Because I Said So is a close second-place.)

Where the term “pussy” really comes from (not a female body part):

Hit films that everyone seems to think were flops:

Meeting Neil deGrasse Tyson:

America: How did we get in our current situation?

Hot black Honda Civic Type-R concept:

Three things you must ask yourself before saying anything:

11 shows that changed their theme songs:

Someone petting their fish (and the fish obviously enjoying it):

An anonymous writer for various reality shows gives a behind the scenes look at his job:

Write “-2 -2 x =” on a piece of paper, and it sounds like Chim Chimney from Mary Poppins:

Time stacked image of The Lincoln Memorial: 165 photos all in one:

60 things you might not know about New York City:

12 best answers during Jeff Goldblum’s Reddit AMA:

Operation Care Bear Drop:

Keep Calm – Blood Spatter:

4 chords subreddit (dedicated to finding all the songs with 4 simple chords):

An aproximate map of Ooo (from Adventure Time):

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Some Stuff I Found

How spending money on experiences rather than stuff leads to greater satisfaction (a fact that I only really learned after getting married to a truly wonderful person):

Which city should you live in?

Recreate the Jurassic Park Nedry-hacking scene on your computer:

It can’t be unseen (SFW):

Ooga Chaka:

If you put a werewolf on the moon, it would only become human on full-Earth.


You never think you’re going to be the type of space captain to throw someone out of an airlock:

And the television idiom that kinda comes from:

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Some Stuff I Found

I updated my post on Adventure Time’s Card Wars to include a link to a real Card Wars set: (The Card Wars post continues to be my post with the highest number of hits in Bugloaf’s history.)

The Desolation of The Joker (Smaug melded with Joker…pretty freaking awesome):

81 Cantonese proverbs in one picture: (I used to live near Canton, South Dakota; which is directly across the northern hemisphere from Canton, China.)

Expect the next big European dictator to come to power in 2068:

Nine obscure facts about The Simpsons:

How Mario best shows the Many Worlds Hypothesis by Hugh Everett:

An awesome (and short) theory about The Simpsons:

20 things you might not have known about Dr. Seuss:

Mmmm…meat candy…

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Huh…so like 10 or 20 things I’ve found recently.

The creation of Falkor from The Neverending Story:

22 inspiring acts that no one talks about anymore:

How an amnesiac, post-cancer husband forgot himself, and forgot how to have sex:

Galactus of Borg:

Power Girl and Supergirl – different assets:×525.jpg

Batman vs Galactus:

How it feels to slaughter animals:

How north ended up as “up” on the map:

Churro in a can!

Rude squares:

Organizing photos by pixel-height makes for a weird digital scramble type of art:

Open-air jumbo jet:

A Vogue-magazine photo shoot in Hitler’s bathtub mere hours after Hitler killed himself:

Rube Goldberg machine for a mundane task:

Holy Fast-Food Trinity:

Ten auto doppelgangers:

Sex-lives of the founding fathers of the USA:

Where should you eat?

The best earthquake description:

Yao Ming next to normal-sized people:

Philosoraptor on flying from Australia to the USA:

Doctor Steve Brule on The Guardians of the Galaxy:

Arkham Daycare:

Nathan Fillion on the Enterprise bridge:

Community modem name:

Reebox ad in promo material for the movie “Aliens”:

4chan on Chick-fil-A:

Zach Braff is quite the Reddit moderator:

Batman tanker-trailer:

50 worst cars of all time (linked because the Cadillac Cimmaron, or the upgraded Chevy Cavalier:,28804,1658545_1658533_1658526,00.html )

Oklahoma schools required to teach financial management in high school. Why isn’t this in EVERY STATE??:

“Don’t fall off this particular place here. Two meters to the left, we don’t give a f***, but not right here.”

The point of failure was not this guy:

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Some Stuff I Found

Some things you might not know about Five Guys Burgers & Fries:

Sarah Palin Watching the Olympics:

Louis CK: Foreigners stealing jobs:

What if Doctor Who was an American show?

Two in the pink… (safe for work):

Why Stormtroopers REALLY miss:

Hagar the Horrible Meets His Match:

A scene from Hunger Games, portrayed by cats:

Batman Beyond:

Time Travel through getting high:

What Facebook sees when you fall in love:

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Stuff I Found

Life is a game. Here is your strategy guide:

Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Calls Out Will Ferrell:

15 Facts About “Ace Ventura”, on its 20th anniversary:

Humans of New York City (photo series, highly cool):

1950s housewife removing frozen longjohns from a clothesline:

The Janitor’s name on Scrubs was revealed years prior on another TV show:

Tesla Cars big rally, and the crossing of South Dakota:

Patrick Stewart appearing on The Daily Show as Chinese Lunar Rover “Jade Rabbit”:

Where did Princess Leia’s dress in “Return of the Jedi” really come from?!vLKYc

HR Pufnstuf – The entire series is now available:

The day Johnny Cash bought a Nirvana album:

China’s Mount Rushmore:!vdvSE

Reno’s cure for Valentine’s Day gone wrong:

Infographic: 21 facts that will change your relationship:

An incredibly short history of various countries:

Marvel Comics movie rights:

Can you spot the cat?

Horrible Histories: 19 historical facts:

22 things you’re doing wrong:

17 things you might not know about Gilligan’s Island:!vKvxr

What were you DEAD WRONG about until recently?

If you put long tails on chickens, they walk like dinosaurs did:

Ten wacky flowcharts (Mental Floss):

7 Smartphone camera tips:

What to use instead of ramen in-package seasoning:

17 bizarre/awesome aircraft throughout history:

Forgotten concept cars of 1987:

Toilet paper:

Cross-stitch map of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past –

Pope Francis has a Masters in Chemistry!

Top 10 causes of death in the USA: 1900 vs 2010:

The AMAZING album cover to Big Brother and the Holding Company’s album (lead singer: Janis Joplin, if you didn’t already know), by R. Crumb:

15 things you didn’t know about Five Guys Burgers and Fries:

How to cope with a dead-bedroom (flowchart):

The X-Men Mansion in Lego:

America’s dick-ish refusal to dip the flag at the Olympics:

52% of content on Reddit is a repost:

Evelyn McHale’s suicide from the Empire State Building (and her beautiful last photo):

Monty Python: You Make Me Sad –

Famous movies redone with cool animation:!vLOwD

The Empire State Building post-coitus with The Chrysler Building:

REDSHIRTS – a new TV series coming soon! Looks great!:!vf6Tq

The rise and fall of The Dana Carvey Show:

The USA high-speed rail system (as it should be):

The Simpsons on the wrong couch:

Steampunk Gizmo Duck:

Total number of peer reviews that rejected global warming since 1992:×476.png

If you can do one, you can do the other:

The taste of beer:

Grand Theft Auto in real life (keep watching to the end): via

Classy pin-up girl and old timey tank:

How to protect yourself in New York City:

After being homeless for 2 years and finding a job, what investments should this guy make?

Batman: The Deal (very bloody/NSFW):

I’m Peeta and I know it:

11 shows from the 80s you may have forgotten:

Bullshit-sounding-but-true facts:

The rise and fall of the Ford Taurus in American Pop Culture:

12 Post-Potter revelations JK Rowling has shared:

A conceived but never produced sequel to Star Trek: The Next Generation’s episode “The Inner Light”:

An Iowa funeral surprise:

Newscaster pen-flip WIN!

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Some Stuff I Found

A good, old joke:

Awesome Garbage Pail Kids art, in the style of the original cards:
(In other words, Topps should totally make these into real cards!)

The Minneapolis Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, Demolished:

I came in like a…

An argument for modern firearms in Harry Potter’s universe:

Stephen King’s memo to Justin Bieber:

Humans: once 100% assholes:

Sesame Street Muppets as real people:

A bearded guy who looks creepily like my Dad, age 40-ish. And a smoke-bunny.

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Some Links I Found Recently

This one’s from my Dad: Hooniverse’s “The Art of Visual Futurist Syd Mead”:

The Bronswick Affair – 23 minute mockumentary:

8 great philosophical questions we’ll never solve:

Stephen Colbert explains why net neutrality sucks:

The Porsche 928:

The DeLorean Sedan that never was:

A hot 1980s kit car based on a Chevy Citation:

A freakishly huge maze, drawn by a janitor in his spare time, over the course of years:

The office of tomorrow from 2003, tracking your every move:

“Blood is thicker than water” is actually the opposite of the original intention:

Haircut questionnaire (comic, and awesome):

Alternate versions of Doctor Who:

A Safe-For-Work tour of Amsterdam’s Red Light District:

Video game action figures for the Atari 2600 that never were:

“He Stole My Balloons!” – Batman art:

What caused a 10-year winter starting in the year 536?

How Apple’s “1984” ad was almost cancelled:

Mountain Dew was originally meant to be mixed with whiskey!

Awesome DVD commentaries:

Cure snoring by singing (with a particularly disturbing clipart that looks, to me, like a dude, open mouthed, in a casket):

50+ years of Japanese concept cars:

25 under-appreciated films from 2006:

McDonald’s Go Bananas Shake advertisement:

The Space Shuttle Challenger explosion in a series of pictures (animated gif):

Soylent Green prop from the 1972 film:

What’s the best piece of advice ever given to you?:

Noel Gallagher’s grumpy DVD commentary:

The Dial-Up Kid:

Two guy-tips for looking better:

Dylan Ratigan loses his temper, possibly rightfully so:

Studio audience laughing at DC Comics’ continuity, and the reaction:

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More Stuff I Found This Month

Evolution of Fast Food Logos:

Russel Brand thinks we need a socialist revolution.

Six awesome songs that make 6 movies better:

The 44 best songs of 1994, according to Now That’s What I Call Music! –

Name origins of the 50 states:

Cold hard facts about freezing to death:–First-Chill–Then-Stupor–Then-the-Letting-Go.html?page=all

Four shows to marathon after finishing Breaking Bad:

Since when?

African proverb:

All 11 Doctors:

The seating arrangement for doomed United flight 232 to Sioux City: who lived, and who died:

This wacko sign is 30 miles outside of Sioux City, Iowa:

Top Gear hilariously explains oversteer, in these animated gifs:

Reddit thread: What would have to happen for you to stop being an NFL fan?

Ten great alternate history theories of the United States, in literature:!sUXnR

Richard Dawkins – This should be given to parents in the maternity ward of hospitals:

Scott Adams (Dilbert) – Joiner’s Dilema:

Someone was bored with blue tape:


What I think of while doing a multiple choice test:

Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd on romantic comedies:

Patrick Stewart slicing a pizza with a Star Trek pizza cutter, while singing the Original Series Star Trek theme:

The most and least realistic movie psychopaths:

Batman’s Greatest Boner!

The girl who sang with The Beatles:!sU09q

NFL Logos as hipsters:

8-Bit Star Wars:

The more intense a TV show, the closer you get to the screen:

Fifteen things to know about Popeye on his 85th anniversary:

Your phone can do almost everything from this 1991 Radio Shack ad:

25 honestly-titled Oscar Nominees for 2014:

8 things worth knowing about eating sushi:

9 guys + 1 cardboard cutout of Taylor Swift =

Star Trek Enterprise ship comparison:

Button MASH!

When you are dead:

Imagine a world without pizza:

A map of each state’s deepest desires (or lack thereof…I’M LOOKING AT YOU, SOUTH DAKOTA!):

Gifs of stuntmen from really old movies (mostly Buster Keaton), and the Reddit thread:

I should have taken the blue jelly bean:

Having kids is like…

Google’s music timeline:

Disney movie poster art, from Snow White to Frozen:

10 myths about World War 1 debunked:

The Netherlands is the country on Earth where it’s easiest to find healthy food:

The escaped-gorilla gag from The Goonies that ended up on the cutting room floor:

How Nintendo, when successful, has used withered technology in its products:


Imagine, if you will:

CGI of animals in the womb:

Growing up feels like…


Dragon whose eyes follow yours (optical illusion):

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Bugloaf’s Laziest Lazy-Ass Post of the Year

(Somehow this didn’t get published in August 2013 when I wrote it, so here you go.)

I’m a link hoarder. And a picture hoarder. I’ve done a good job of dumping a ton of both on here in the last year, but now I’m out of space. And I haven’t bothered to re-up for more space yet. So, instead of doing the logical thing, I’m going for the lazy route.

I have these emails I send to myself, of all these links, to pictures, to neat crap, everything. And I haven’t gotten around to posting all this stuff yet…so here. I’m posting a bunch of it now. I might go back and turn these into viable posts. I might not. For now, here they are, without context (except for the first creepy picture. It’s a painting of the German God of Gods, Wotan (aka Odin, aka the guy Anthony Hopkins played in the movie Thor). The painting came out the year Hitler was born, and, well, Hitler possibly/probably modeled his look on Wotan.,r:6,s:0,i:97&iact=rc&dur=655&page=1&tbnh=179&tbnw=282&start=0&ndsp=21&tx=168&ty=63

Moment in my life that moved me: I served on the USAF Honor Guard. I was set to plant a Sr. Master Sgt (enlisted guy), way out in central Nebraska. It was a surreal experience, because everyone was so dang nice. There were tons of high-ranking officials, much higher-ranked than this guy, there to see him off. His funeral program showed him not in uniform, but in a Hawaiian shirt with a mug of beer in his hand, and a huge smile on his face. He was very well liked, and it made me want to have known him.

Favorite Coke commercial: Mean Joe Green

Favorite Beer Commercial

Favorite Toy: Transformer Dinobot Slag

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Links 8

The Ambassadors of Funk – Supermarioland (using music from the Gameboy game Super Mario Land)

Everything wrong with Die Hard in 7 minutes or less

An awesome Craigs List video for some guy’s 1996 Nissan Maxima that he’s trying to sell, in the style of a luxury car commercial.

Dante Basco (Rufio from the movie “Hook”) auditions for a part.

Honest NYC Tourism Commercial (I’ve been to NYC twice now…no wait, 3 times. I get mixed up because everytime I go, it’s like I never left. The memories really seem to flow right into each other. The first time I went [or second, who knows], I was witness to a bus driver vs a taxi driver [while a passenger on the bus]. Much swearing ensured, and the taxi driver got out and smacked the side of the bus several times, all because the bus driver wouldn’t let the taxi cut over 3 lanes in traffic. That was the first ‘real NYC’ memory I have.) (Sorry for my poor grammar, really out of it at the moment.)

What happened to movie posters?

Sherlock spoils everything

Actors in commercials before they were famous:

Testing LSD on British soldiers:

I saw the sign…

Reddit discussion: how many days would Phil Conners have to live in the movie Groundhog Day before he could defeat a well-prepared Batman?

I love Sportsball! Go Team!

Where planets are born. via

Times Square, the old facade:

Tom Lehrer – Be Prepared

Ten famous songs that are actually filthy:

Sick Fedora, Bro:

Gummi Bears, plugged:

Man makes gingerbread copy of the Bin Laden compound:

Darkwing Duck by Skottie Young:
Scrooge McDuck by Skottie Young:

The Hazards of Helen, 1915 (or a total badass stuntwoman/actress who I’ve never heard of!)

Lego: the truth about Ewoks:

Richard Pryor sings the blues:

New Year’s Resolutions, Doghouse Diaries:

Better Cheddars. Still a great tasting snack.

The 1985 launch of New Coke:

Phenomenal Xtra – Brutus

Gimme Shelter (trailer) On the subject of divorcing your family:

MTV Sports: Disc Golf

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Links 7

What would Lorelai Gilmore do?

The Joker, actually:

100 days of no processed foods:

Using colored beads to remind you, everyday, that you’re going to die.

Ten financial lessons for my 18 year old self.

(In my case, I never would have listened anyhow. Eighteen-year-old Aaron is a total dick.)

The known world, 2348 BCE to 1848 CE:

The best possible profile pictures, according to science:

My Little Raptor: Friendship is Deadly:

Chris Cornell & Eddie Vedder – Hunger Strike

Rene Martinez, Roadie Superhero, saves Stevie Ray Vaughan’s ass while on-stage. And Stevie flowed on awesomely!

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Links 6

20 inside jokes from the TV show Community:

The myths of gun control: (and a Reddit discussion about the same: )

The coolest Popeye tattoo ever…that I so want, but the artist is in Russia.!rDMSF

Scientists telling their favorite jokes:!rDM2a

Random song: Drugs by Simple Kid:

From now on…

GIF is the word of the year? How old are they, 90?

Star Wars, the “lost” 1980s Anime:

The top-ten most read books in the world:

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Links 5

From 1994 (nostalgic short film) Or here if the embed doesn’t work:!rDHEz

Ronald McDonald Medusa:

Voice Doppelgangers!

I came in like a BUTTERBALL!!

Reporter passes out on air, comes to, keeps reporting from the ground!

A fantastic interview with John DiMaggio:

A woman responds to a divorce and a foreclosure by building a tiny (but awesome) 200 square foot house for herself, by herself:

Building a secret passageway switch in a bookcase:

Never run out again:

Jimmy Stewart reading a touching poem about his dog:

30 unique photos from our past:

Better to have loved and lost?

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Links 4

The Beach Boys song written by Charles Manson (yes, THAT Charlie Manson):

Chief O’Brien at work:

The Carol Burnett – A Star Trek Parody (from the 1990s):

How Ted Nugent literally crapped his pants in order to dodge the draft.

A GoPro camera used on many parts of an airliner, flying about in Oceania (the south Pacific).

How Vikings celebrated the New Year of 2014.

Mystery of the Red Cards:

Something’s not right:

Pulp Fiction douche:

Total solar eclipse, August 2017:

Popeye, Bluto, and Olive Oyl:

Cuphead, a new videogame based on 1930s animations: Plus, an article about Cuphead:!rDGRU

How to moo like a cow in different accents, by Patrick Stewart:

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Links 3

The Holy Book of Passwords:

The Yellow Dog Project:

Singham (entire weird/awesome movie):

A hard/awesome puzzle:

Photography flowchart:!rDzHy

Literal place names for Ireland, England, and western Europe (Reddit Discussion):

House vs Scrubs:

(I think the biggest difference, as evident by the Emmy video, is that JD is the star of Scrubs, not Dr. Cox. And Dr. House if the star of House MD, not Dr. Foreman [who is a presence throughout the entire series, eventually becoming Dr. House’s boss].)

Awesome hand-drawn map of Canada and all her provinces. I told the artist that I’d buy this as a poster, and I meant it. I’m an idiot when it comes to Canadian geography.

Imgur: best of 2013:

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Links 2

Tom Thum beatboxing:

If I Were a Rich Man (on Ukulele):

Back to the Future on acoustic guitar:

The five most indisputable fan theories of 2013:

The right way to do fake ATM facades, this time in Brazil:

Taking back geek culture:

30 creative things I kinda want, but not really:

30 funny puns. The ‘board’ one is the best.

Robbery suspects with terrible ideas:

Ant physics is amazing:

Die Hard – what would really happen to John McClane

The best job interview tip ever:

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Reddit asks “What’s your favorite movie of 2013, and why?”:

How to teach your cat simple commands (which looks fascinating, but yeah, I’m never freaking doing this with my cats. I’m entirely too lazy.)

Loving son writes a song called, “I liked you better deaf”:

Left-lane passing laws, state-by-state:

UPS 24-hour truck ballet:

Ten midwest cities you should visit. Just not right now. Because ice.:

The Onion looks back on “It’s A Wonderful Life”. Caution: swearing –

A foreign Doritos commercial from 1995 that TOTALLY should have aired in the USA, no subtitles.

A weak description of my favorite Doritos ad that actually aired in the USA, from a bygone Superbowl. Sadly, it’s not on YouTube.

Sheldon and Amy:

Sir Sean Connery:

Tom Jones and Janis Joplin, duet:

A crazy musical instrument once used for old Mickey Mouse musicals, decades ago:

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