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A Few Posts in My Few Minutes

Here’s some stuff I found just recently. Note: the first YouTube video “You have Coke?” has some Not Safe For Work language…although I don’t think the person saying it has any idea. Also note that the Ford Ka commercials were pulled after being aired only a handful of times, for reasons that will become plainly clear. The “Best VW Commercial” is probably not safe for work. The Super Car Driver Idiots has some NSFW language. And finally, the Best Tetris video has some NSFW subtitles.

Weirdly over-muscular statuettes. I once saw the Workout Animal (X-126) at a facility at Offutt Air Force Base, and I’ve kind of wanted it ever since.

Teletubbies was filmed on a large outdoor set. I had no idea.

Archie metaphors: kissing = sex. (NSFW language)

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My Reddit Cakeday

So yeah, I’m celebrating my Reddit Cakeday today. Here’s what I’m posting for my karma whoring.

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Stroke. Gradient. Comic Sans. And Pokemon. In a Tattoo.


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I Lied…sort of

Okay, you may have noticed a couple posts since I said I wouldn’t be posting. Well, there are a few in the auto-post bin for the next few months (and a bunch of Christmas & Halloween posts later this year that are out-of-context right now). Also, I have a smidgeon of time every once in a while in order to throw stuff up on Bugloaf. (That sentence came out wrong. Oh well, I’m leaving it.) Such as that awful Lawrence Welk video, every once in a while I come across something irresistible, and I have to post it.

Along those lines, here’s a few items I’m adding to the Links section over yonder on the right column.

1) Girls of eBay. Yeah, it’s basically scantily clad women posing on motorcycles, cars, etc.

2) Unsuck the DC Metro. The DC subway line is kind of a mess right now (especially the sometimes-deadly Red Line that runs from central DC to the north, with an occasional derailment, or the doors coming open mid-trip just last week). Someone has a blog specifically aimed at how much the Metro sucks right now.

3) Racialicious. A blog about the mixture of race and pop culture. I’ll be honest, I started going here for the great Friday music mix-tapes, having discovered the site with the death of Donna Summer. I’ve since read a bunch of the well-written articles here, and I have to recommend the site.

4) Burrito Bison Revenge. This is a simple but addicting game, basically a totally improved version of Nanaca Crash (already listed in my games links list).

5) Atland, a sweet PG-13-ish fantasy webcomic that I fell in love with about 3-4 years ago, lost, and just re-found.

Also, for no reason, here’s a Listerine CGI ad from the early 1990s, featuring the song Tarzan Boy (originally by Baltimora).

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The Lamest Rendition of “Land of 1000 Dances”, via Lawrence Welk

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A Final Uber-Post

A list of tpb comics to get.

Pikachu, inside

A Reddit list of music to shut out the world with.

XKCD – the man who fell sideways

Asimov’s 3 laws of robotics, in Lego.

Star Trek ship models, looking very pretty.

Olivia Wilde apparently showing she has natural bewbs. (Yeah, probably NSFW, but seriously, it’s PG or PG-13 at worst.)

Personalized Superhero Action Figures. Hopefully they just do the face, because “Fat Pasty Hairy Balding White Guy Man! (With bonus goatee!)” would be my superhero.

Star Trek Props (that look better than the ones they actually used in the shows / movies).

A bro helping out a younger buddy who had no friends his own age.

How to properly shuck corn – get clean ears everytime.

3 Famous Movie Posters from Alternate Angles. This same technology needs to be applied to make fully 3-D versions of classic sci-fi films.

The most surreal moments on film.

25 iconic snare-drum intros

The Top-5 “Useless” College Majors. I’m currently enrolled in Business and…number 4.

Watch all 56 episodes of Star Trek simultaneously, via YouTube.

The best single-purpose website on the web.

Richard Dunn’s professional resume. *swoon*

Kermit Alien

Gorgeous Rural Virginia. I’ve seen this scene so many times (usually on a wine-run to a local vineyard), and I have a camera worthy of taking such a photo, but this was not taken by me. Sadly. I’m pitiful.

Firefighters. This is my current wallpaper, so beautiful.

Ben Day. A combo of Don Draper (Mad Men) and Forrest Gump (people call him Forrest Gump).

Again, sorry for the hiatus. Hopefully these will get you through today though. Happy trails.

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I’ll be away for a while, trying to work out some things in my daily life among physical humans, in order to remain gainfully employed, and thus, be able to blog. Sorry for the wait, but I steal most of my stuff from anyhow, so check them out. Thanks for your support, I’ll try to be back soon. -Aaron

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The Bombing of Osage Avenue, Philadelphia – 27 Years Ago

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Navy Seals Kick-Ass Day

In recognition of the ‘Seals killing of bin Laden a year ago today, here is the trailer for the 1990 movie masterpiece of dumb action, Navy Seals.

Today is also, “I forgot how cool Michael Biehn was. What ever happened to that guy?” -day.

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