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Takin What They’re Givin

This song has come up in conversation too much lately. By the way, The News is great. I wish they were still making albums.

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Mister Ed

[link to the Goats webcomic]

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I Made A Monkey! Oook Oook!

I was playing Dungeons & Dragons Online earlier as a Dwarven Fighter on the Irestone Inlet quest. I checked my map, and realized I made a monkey. And since they took down the server for maintenance this morning, I have some time on my hands in order to post this.

If you play, I’m Zyo on the Thelanis server. Look me up.

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Air Bender

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An Evening With An Old Firend

The full story is here, via Neatorama: [link]

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?Requiem for a Cat?

Literally it’s Symphony of the Cat, but it sounds rather requiem-like until the midpoint.

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How To Wash A Cat

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Funny Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant

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The Ghostbusters Firehouse on Google Maps


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Careful, You Might Learn Something

Educational Videos from my youth. Take a little Schoolhouse Rock, and a little Animaniacs.

I’m Just A Bill

Lolly Lolly Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here!


50 States, 50 Capitols

The Nations of the World (as of 1996)

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How Japan Makes Soup

First you have to make Vegetables really come alive…

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Top Ten Worst Things About Prison

This is an article from a guy who spent 2 years in prison for armed robbery. It’s not a pretty picture. The language and content are rated-NC-17, so this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. But it does give an uncensored view of the incredibly horrible existence prison life really is. [link]

via Reddit

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Things That Make Me Smile #3

Because, come on! You don't ***** with Red Hulk. (Oh, try to guess what swear Five Asterisks means. Okay, I'll give you a hint: It's totally a Lemur. That's my new swear. I have no idea what Lemur is, in that context at least...I mean, I know what "a" Lemur is. It's a cute little monchichi-looking simian. Nah, in the end, I just want to get that word banned from network television.)The thought of Red Hulk in traffic. I would so love to see someone cut off Red Hulk. Or better yet, Cindy in daddy’s new Mercedes swerves into Red Hulk’s lane because she’s texting, “WHR U @” to Sandy, who is apparently already at the club. I just want to see Cindy’s daddy’s  Mercedes go flying through the air into the next state. That would make me smile.

I wish I was Red Hulk. You suck General Ross.

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Where Did I Go Wrong?

So…let me get this straight. I’m “Not” supposed to like Limp Bizkit? Or Creed? And I was supposed to stop liking them, like, 2002 or something, right?

What if I really like both bands?

Does that make me a total douchebag?

I…I just don’t know anything anymore…

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UPDATE: Not-So-Free “Prosecute BP” Bumper Sticker

UPDATE: According to Ellen (on the Comments page linked below), here’s what happened to her:

I sent $2 for several bumper stickers. After a month I received one. They are very small. And I couldn’t get the back off without tearing it up.
And they do not say Prosecute BP.
Very misleading. Even if their heart is in the right place, the product SUCKS and I want my $ back.

So…you may not want to go with this company, and in fact might want to just create your own stickers. I think there’s a sticker-kit you can buy from Office Depot, I think. (I tried to check this myself, but I can’t seem to bring up their webpage at the moment. And Office Max didn’t have that kit.)

It’s up to you whether to get the sticker below, create your own, or just kick back, play some Uno, and wait for someone else to fix the problem. Hey, they capped the thing today (supposedly), thankfully before anything really bad happened. Like a destroyed eco-system in the Gulf of Mexico. Nah, not bad at all. Forget this post, move on with your lives.

(Original Post is below…)

Don't forget to boycot BP & Exxon for their lousy clean-up efforts over the years.

Want a free “Prosecute BP” bumper sticker? Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Sticker Robot / Prosecute
PO Box 1189
Woodacre, CA.
(subject to availability).

via Sticker Robot

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Flipper Bridge

Or we could make a deal: The world drives on the Right if the USA uses Metric. Deal?

This is what happens when left-side drivers and right-side drivers diverge…

This is an image of a bridge that will connect mainland China with Hong Kong. Click the link for the fill story.

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The Writer Who Couldn’t Read

I found this on Neatorama.

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The Most Awesomest Voice

I hope I never meet Peter Cullen, because I will surely squeal like a little girl.

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Sesame Street Lost In Translation

This is how Sesame Street is shown in Pakistan. No, really.

Actually, I found this on BoingBoing.

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Mystery Box

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Speaking of Bumper Stickers…

I just love this. I don’t like putting stickers on my car, but this was just… Necessary.I wish I had a poo flinger on my car too, for morons who do tailgate. Look, if I can't see your headlights in my rearview mirror, and we're going faster than 10mph, then you're TOO F***ING CLOSE!

Buy this at

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Freejack Is Now Our Past

   I just realized something…the epic masterpiece of science fiction that is Freejack…occurred in 2009.

   So…where are the butt-ugly teardrop-shaped? How about our smart, one-button remote control internet? Or our wonderful diners serving dogfood-oatmeal? Our rampant disease? Our gun-wielding nuns? Or cool right-triangle shaped buildings with a jack on the top?

   Ah yes, Freejack. I used to love the HECK out of this movie. This was before I realized how awful the acting was throughout it…with the possible exception of Emilio Estevez, who kind of acts the same way in everything he’s ever acted in. Which is a good thing, because he rocks. Until he did the hockey-fowl, or whatever you call that piece of crap series. And I guess Rene Russo isn’t too bad in this one either.

   By everyone, I mean everyone else is a horrible actor. The bodyguard of Russo. Mick Jagger (who is as comical as Gene Simmons was in Runaway). And especially “Sir” Anthony Hopkins as…er, what’s-his-name. The supposedly dead CEO who’s not really dead, but he’s kinda dead, and wants Emilio’s body to place his brainwaves, blah blah blah, plot, blah. Hopkins is positively AWFUL in the movie. He truly phones it in, I mean, it’s like he’s not even really there.

   I’d love to say, “And who can blame him?”, but that’s bullshit. He had a contract for this acting job, and he should have given his all for it. He’s got the chops, proven time and time again (notably with another lighter-than-“Shadowlands” popcorn-flick, “The Mask of Zorro”). And yet he barely gives it his full attention. It’s like he’s reading from cuecards. It’s pretty awful.

Going back one more time to Rene Russo though…if you take her aged-look and compare it to how she really looks today, it’s actually not too shabby. Minus the hair, she still looks pretty good.

    Final little bit of awesome: that gun-wielding nun? Best line in the movie: Amanda Plummer pulls a gun on a very prone Emilio, and says, “If you’re not a praying man, you better start!” I can’t believe that isn’t on the memorable quotes page on IMDB…

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Things That Make Me Smile #2

A wonderful fantasy: I meet Tom Hanks on the street and invite him for tea at the nearest non-Starbucks. He accepts. We have this wonderful discussion about his favorite films, and many other classics by Hitchcock and Kurosawa. And it’s great until the police arrive and take away this crazy guy who all-but-kidnapped a famous Hollywood movie star. And then I’d yell, “The Dan Brown movies SUCK! Da Vinci’s Code MY ASS!”. And then I’d have the most wonderful stories to share with my cellmate. And then I get shived in the yard for being so freaking annoying. But my fleeting thoughts, as I drifted off this mortal coil, would be that I actually met my screen idol, “THE” Tom Hanks.

Hopefully I’d get to the afterlife before I realized that I never met Stephen King. Because that’d be almost cooler yet. I don’t know, it’s a toss-up.

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Can You Help Me Find This Webcomic?!

Okay, this has been bothering me for about 2-3 months. I need your help.

There’s this web comic, see? It is fantasy-based. It’s cartoony, not ultra-serious. Here are the characters:

1) The main character is this Cavalier (a Rich-Guy Warrior). He’s also a  prince. His family is killed by a dwarf army, and then he is killed too…except he’s brought back to life. The rest of the comic series, he’s colored green, due to his undead nature, but otherwise he seems pretty normal.

2) There is this orc warrior. He got a human woman pregnant, and the orc is a deadbeat dad. Eventually he gets back in contact with the human and the kid, who joins the party on adventures.

3) Also, there’s a female Sorcerer who has a “date with destiny” to save the world, but also possibly kill herself in the process.

4) There’s a Fairy, who is a dude, and he looks like a New York plumber. Oh yeah, he’s also an ex-assassin.

That’s kinda it. Google has failed me in my search. Sure, it finds “Order of the Stick” up/down/sideways, but it can’t find me this one webcomic series…which I happened to enjoy lots more.

Any help? Thanks if you know this!!



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Have Some Fun

And this is why we need a geek appreciation day. Sponsored by Red Bull and Corn Nuts.

[via Blame The Voices]

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This is my 1500th blog post! I don’t know what to say!

…no, really. I don’t know what to say. So I’ll put a funny video with a cat named Dakota and a dog named…something.

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The Easiest Way To Exercise Your Puppy

Put a laser pointer on its collar. Brilliant!

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Stars and Stripes Forever by Trombone Quartet ‘Bones Apart’

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Portland Oregon: a camera-friendly eagle

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Wonder Woman: No Longer “Amazon Barbie”?

Blah blah Wonder Woman blah blah New Costume blah blah….

Why should I care? I’ve never been the biggest fan of DC. In fact, until tow years ago, I have never owned a DC comic. And I certainly don’t own *YAWN*…..Wonder Woman.

So, why should I care what outfit Amazon Barbie is wearing now?

And yet, for some reason, I do care.

It’s Wonder Woman. She’s an all-American 70-year old Xena, except that she’s more or less had new material for that entire span. 

The one thing that can bring a ton of attention to a fledging, over-the-hill comic is 1) kill them, 2) replace them, or 3) change their costume. DC has proved this time and time again with The Flash, The Green Lantern, Superman, and Batman. But they really haven’t done anything significant with Wonder Woman since the late 1960’s, at least among these three items.

And the wonderful thing about the hype-factory succeeds in is this: it works. It’s usually not a long-term fix, but at least for a while, it gets people like me (who would never pay attention to what Wonder Woman is up to) and actually makes me want to pick up a comic book.

Groove is in the heart, baby.

Except maybe for the 1976 Houston Astros.

Let’s go somewhere else….let’s talk about football for a moment. And let’s look at the Denver Broncos and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Two teams that had a history of wearing the UGLIEST uniforms of almost any sport. 

And then, in the mid-1990’s, both teams changed uniforms. Suddenly…they looked current. Heck, they looked great. Both teams went from worst to best looking uniforms, and it made me want to watch my team kick the crap out of them. (Sköl Vikings!)

So yes, in football and in uber-hot super heroines, hype works. I just hope the writing quality follows suit. Along with the costume change, the writers decided to darken-up her back history…which might work too. I don’t know much about WW besides what I learned from Lynda Carter and that ga-ROO-vy theme song.

You have a character that’s 600 issues in (over the course of several comic book series’). That’s really intimidating for an impressionable young lad just delving into the world of comics. A reboot now and then (or a dramatic farking-around with the history, shunning the eons-long collectors [that are slowly dying off] in favor of garnering attention from young consumers) can be the difference between life and death for a comic title.

Marvel knows this too, but they chose to take a safer approach by creating a sandbox where they could create and destroy at will, and called it the “Untimate Marvel Universe”. At least DC has the balls to completely fark-over their main universe, their bread and butter…and call it an alternate Earth. Yeah…they’re just doing the same thing. Oh well.

It really shouldn’t bother me too much. I wasn’t too bothered when they did it to James Bond, after the absolutely awful Die Another Day. (It’s like they were trying to make the worst possible Bond movie since…forever.)

Still, when all is said and done, I will probably pick up an issue or two now. I’ve picked up worse comics, like the “Superman” comics shortly after he “died”. Those were awful…and the leading cause for my DC-drought until I discovered Sandman and Watchmen a couple years back.

So, if you haven’t yet seen it, here’s Wonder Woman’s new look:

And by the way, I swiped these images from an interesting article going over…basically what I’ve just gone over. Except with more thought provocation. Rebooting Wonder Woman.

Oh, and here’s some nifty looks at past “costume changes”. Oh, you thought this was the first time in like 70 years that Wonder Woman has gotten rid of the stars & stripes? Nah, the mod 1960’s saw her try various different styles, before finally giving it up, partly due to pressure from Womens Libber Gertrude Stein (!?). Apparently the tight little swimsuit wasn’t sexual degrading. [link]

Hey, at least people are talking about Wonder Woman I guess. It’s not like she’s in the top-20 comics or anything, but there’s hope.

Here’s another link for decent WW news.

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Trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic

I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Or its sequel. I don’t know why. I mean, the games will actually work on game systems I own, or even my low-end laptop that I blog upon. But for whatever reason, I just haven’t gotten there yet. I used to wait forever to play games until I could afford the systems they ran upon…and now I just wait. Maybe in my retirement I’ll get around to beating a bunch of different games. The last time I was unemployed for any length of time, in-between looking for work, that’s what I did. For the 50 (or so) days following the end of my Air Force career, I played and beat The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. It only took me like 10 years to finally beat the game, but I did it. This trailer though…it makes me want to scrap that option and just buy it all up. That is, an HDTV (I’m still going with a big, fat 15 year old low-grade model), a PS3, and maybe a sound system to boot…or maybe just my headphones. I live in row-houses, I don’t want to piss off my neighbors. I found this trailer via Slash Film, and isn’t it amazing? It looks better than Episodes I & II combined.


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Things That Make Me Smile

I’m eating pistachios, and there was this one nut…the last one in the package. It’s barely cracked. When I tried to cram the cap from my pen into the crack, in order to pry it open, it bent the cap before it would succumb. When I put a tine of my plastic fork into the opening, it broke off the tip of the tine. Finally, I pulled out my swiss army knife, put the otherwise useless bottle-opener into the crack, and alas, the nut was cracked.

As I was doing this, I imagined the nut was the reincarnated soul of a bully that I dealt with in elementary school. I felt he was getting back at me for still being alive, instead of dead like him, in a horrible car accident about 15 years back. When I finally cracked the nut (and cutting a finger in the whole process, one thought warmed my heart. I imagined, as I devoured my last pistachio, that his soul was still trapped in the nut, ripped asunder and split between my eventual passage and two halves of a shell, destined for a landfill.

File under “Things that make me smile, #1”.

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Custom-made ear buds

I have no idea how much they are, but through this site (and an ear-canal mold you need to have made at a local ear-specialist), you can have your very own custom-made earphones.

I don’t know about you, but I have some crazy weird ear canals. Whenever I have to get my ears cleaned with a water pick (usually only during or after a really bad cold, if I’m lucky), my corkscrew-shaped left ear canal ends up spraying water (and ear-goo) back onto the doctor or nurse performing the procedure. Oh, that and I can’t typically wear earbuds when I run. they don’t like to stay in, since the openings of my ear canals are pinched and narrow. So having custom-made earphones would be awesome…but until I’m making some decent money, I’ll have to stick with the somewhat uncomfortable earphones with an extra piece of plastic that wrap behind the ear, like sunglasses. I’d still rather have the buds. If someone actually gets them, tell me how much they were, would you?

[link to the most awesome earphones ever]

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