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Sorry, I’ve gotten out of the habit of blogging as of late. After a few unfortunate setbacks, it “appears” as if my wife & I will be moving into our new home this weekend. In the meantime, we are trying not to jinx the process by buying anything that we actually would need for the house, to sort of clean things up. See, the house (or townhome, to be more precise) was a foreclosure that was vacated without cleanup. However, the home is in pretty decent shape, while still remaining inside of our price range (adjustable mortgage percentages not being in our future). But the house still needs a decent cleanup, hence the need for supplies.

Two or three weeks ago, my wife thought it’d be a good idea to buy a small hose for our even smaller front yard. To our dismay, less than 48 hours after she bought the hose, we hit a major snag in the process, which pushed things back from about mid-August to end-of-August. We really can’t have any more snags come up now. Although neither one of us are true believers in the more heathen-esque religions, we’re still holding true to our supersticions.

In the meantime, I’m going to school. I’m currently working on my final projects, although they aren’t due until the beginning of November. I’ve been told to get as much out of the way as early as possible, because studio-time gets really limited as the months roll past. I want to crank out two projects this week if I can hack it, and simply tweak them as I get closer to graduation-time.

I’ve been thinking of spicing up this blog again. Currently, I’m using an ultra-generic look. This is due to my frustrations with Internet Explorer, a browser largely manufacturered by rejected lab test monkey crossdressers.

…yeah, I didn’t really need to add the crossdressers comment. But then I briefly thought, “What was tested on the monkeys?”. Answer: cosmetics. And which gender is probably the heartiest to test the cosmetic products on? Males of course. And so…yeah.

Okay, I’m done touting my supposed cleverness. I’m still trying to allay my extreme boredom at the moment, but this has helped. Thank-you, devoted reader. Or stumbler. Or whatever you are. That makes me wonder…who even reads this? I know 3 people who do on a semi-regular basis, because they email me about things they’ve seen me post on here. But who else reads this? I can’t have any regular readers, because I post stuff on here so irregularly. So, I have irregular readers. Much in the same way that I check out “Alternium”, and “Sioux Falls Strange”, I bet I have a few irregular readers of my blog here. Although, to my credit, I update a heck of a lot more often that those guys do. But not nearly as much as No’sage.

By the way, if you’re a fellow trekkie (who rejects the newer, albeit cooler, nickname “trekker”), I highly recommend the podcast “Make It So“. The guys aren’t experts, and they perv-out on Councelor Troi on almost every episode. And they’re British. Too much fun.

Well, gotta fly. Have a nice week, sans Olympics.

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Tonight: Girls Gymnastics

I still don’t care about the Olympics. Sorry. I love America, and I don’t love the Olympics. But I’ll still capitalize “Olympics”.

Sorry about the tease regarding Space Camp a couple days ago. I don’t have my cheat sheet with me, so I won’t be posting right now. Soon, Daniel-san.

Last night at class, we had to give readings for a “radio break”. You’ve heard it a million times before. “Welcome to Ninety-two-three, WCSB, Washington’s Hit Music Station. This is Aaron, and on the way we have Your chance to win tickets to ‘The Bob Ross Band’, Saturday August 23 at the Verizon Center. Listen for your chance to win, on Washington’s Hit Music Station, Ninety-two-three, WCSB.”

Well, long story long, I was having a very hard time doing my reading in the classroom environment. Having all eyes on me, standing up to read, I plainly…sucked. After everyone gave their readings, they had us read in the studio booth, playing over the localized airwaves in the small school speakers. Once I got into the booth…MAGIC. I was totally “THERE”. Suddenly I’m conjuring Tom Brokaw, or better yet, Venus Flytrap from WKRP. I had it right there, and everyone knew it. I, simply, kicked ass.

I brushed on something there a minute ago. Everytime I’ve given a good reading, I think about Tom Brokaw. In fact, I wrote “BROKAW!” on the paper as some sort of mental battle cry. The hard “K” helps to really scare the enemy into submission, see. After I did my good reading, I thought about tattooing it on me somewhere. The problem is that 1) I’d want to be able to look at the tattoo in order to ‘evoke Tom’ at a moment’s notice, and 2) I don’t want the tattoo to be easily visible for fear of scaring off potential employers.

Then, if I do get the tattoo, I’d have to explain it. Unless I make the font so obscure or stylized that no one realizes that I have the last name of a respected news personality from South Dakota tattooed on me. Because that’s weird.

-fin, since that’s the perfect stopping point.

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The Gang’s All Right Here!

For the first time, I’ve put 100% of the Kraznoy posts in one place, right here. It’s up to you to figure out how to navigate my blog to find them though. Good luck, you fool. I’ll be waiting over here, re-editting my Smithsonian-Hazy Museum post where I’ll go into my experiences at Space Camp in great detail. Have fun staring at my blandiose stark-white background.

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Quick one

Just a couple links:
Top 10 things NOT to say in your Facebook profile

Internet MeMe Timeline

Film Guide from a Parallel Universe

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The Password Is: Table

Sites found:

When I attended my “copywriting” class last night at CSB in Arlington, Virginia, I discovered that my teacher had once been DJ in my hometown, Sioux Falls, South Dakota! On “Mixx 97.3”, he was a late-night on-air talent. However, he has never set foot in the state of South Dakota. He recorded his shows from West Virginia! He looked up about as much as he could regarding South Dakota on Google so he’d have an idea of where everything was at (for concert announcements, etc), so he never had to go within 1000 miles of the town. The reason: he was working with Mixx as a consultant while they were trying to find a DJ to fit their format. With no suitable candidates, due to necessity, he took the reins himself.

The future is kind of neat.

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500th post

Interesting Sites I Discovered This Week:

Although almost 100 posts are still sitting on my old blog-site, this is my 500th post on here. I think. If you combine my different blogs…well, it’s probably closer to 600.

We’ll call this #500.

So, classes are going well at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. So far we’ve scraped the surface of TV & Radio Production, along with Film & Audio Editting. What I’m finding out is that the job I’m already most qualified to do (TV Production) is the job that, at this moment. I least want to do. However, all 4 of the job-areas seem to be great. The differentiation is simply levels of greatness.

I am very glad to be in a catch-all program like this, so I can discover what positions I like, without being stuck in a semester-long, 3-hour a week debacle.

I’m being constantly reminded of my times in the TV/Radio class at Lincoln High School from 1992-1994, and my short career as a part-time unpaid DJ for KBHU, the college radio station on Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota. I wish I would have had more self-confidence (or a more-inflated ego) in order to voyage down that career path at that time. However, I’m in a very good place right now, with a great wife, in a great city, and I can’t say I regret the “would have beens” too much.

Other than that, nothing much new. I need to eat my lunch before it gets cold. Have a great week everyone.

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More To Come

Yes, I haven’t “quite” forgotten about this place. I’m going to be posting really soon, in rebuttal to an email that I keep on receiving, over and over, about the many things Obama believes in (for shame!), while at the same time not-so-cleverly omitting the many things McCain believes in.

Right now, I’m writing a small paper about this subject. The problem is, the more I get into it, the more research I wish to do (like showing the socio-economic position of Germany after the end of World War I to show how a “showy speaker” like Hitler could get into power, to show how much more desperate Germany was for someone like that, and how much more educated America is at this point in time to spot an obvious crazy f’ing candidate, and how Obama is not anywhere near the amount of crazy that Hitler was).

By the way, this is the junk I’m getting in my inbox. Comparing anyone to Hitler should be done so VERY sparingly that I’m almost embarrassed to even talk about it. When the word “Hitler” comes up in an email, I either immediately trash it without giving the email any creedence of credibility, or I get all worked up to do something like this paper.

I wish the right-wingers in the audience would stop sending me this crap. I’m a pretty liberal guy these days. I see and support a lot of points that are supposedly “right wing” thoughts, but on a political compass, I’m about 10 miles past any left-wing candidate we’ve ever had. Of course, on that compass, America itself isn’t in the same spectrum. To find a government that actually followed what I believe in, I’d have to go to some little colony about 20 miles from the coast of Thailand, except half the island would be run by some drug dealers, so we wouldn’t be able to tread over there.

By the way, rent “The Beach”. It’s not the best movie in the world, and it’s kinda slow, but it’s a fun trip nonetheless.

So, that’s what I’ll be posting next. Aren’t you glad I waited 2 weeks to tell ya? Yeah, I thought so. By the way, I just got back from South Dakota and Iowa (only using Nebraska as my bitch, to haul me where I wanted to go), and it was a great trip. I got two wedding receptions, two family reunions (only opting to miss a third reunion, since it started at 5pm, and I had to fly out the following 5am), and it was a great time. I’m glad to be back though. I miss Sioux Falls, but I don’t know if I can ever move back there. I was stressed out for much of the time I was back. The cause…having to go from place to place to meet this family member or group of family members, or the feeling I was neglecting someone from here, or that this person was having a problem with that person, or many year long problems that were sitting there…

I’m not a very good guy. I do some good things when I can. But deep down, I’m selfish. The main reason why I haven’t been gung-ho about having kids is that I know I’m kind of a selfish guy, and I don’t like to share the spotlight. It’s inevitable, because I don’t like the thought of my kids moving out (and yes, they’re moving out by age 21, through Hell or high water, mark my FREAKING words) when I’m ready to collect social security. So, we have to start having kids soon. However…I’m not really looking forward to it that much.

Everyone tells me that when I see the kid, whatever gender (and it’s going to be a Girl, I already know), I’ll just fall in love. And I will. And I’ll do my best to protect the kid, while showing enough of the world to build a nice armor around her. And I’ll have fun showing the kid all the goofy shit that I know, and all the really bad jokes I have in my repertoire, and all that jazz…

Wait, how’d I get on this train of thought again? Back to the source here…

I don’t do well with advising and trying to find solutions to big problems. When a person has been doing something for a number of years, especially a family member, getting said person to change their course of action (while trying to be as nice about it as possible, and trying not to seem all-knowing, all-glowing, holier-than-thou assholes about it) is hard for many, and well-nigh impossible for me.

And so I duck, most of the time. Or I discuss it with people who aren’t in any way connected to the problem, can be trusted to keep a secret, but can’t in any way help the people involved.

The fact that I’m still all worked up about it a week after the fact…

It depresses me.

I suddenly need to end this post, right now. Sorry folks.

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