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My Right Foot (guffaw! Daniel Day-Lewis joke!)

Here’s my foot today. I don’t have to wear the velcro-boot, and I don’t have to tape it up. I can’t run yet, but soon.

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Search for a Teacher: Mike Mattke, Sioux Falls SD

Hello there. I’m looking for Mike Mattke. He was a teacher at Lincoln High School in the TV/Radio department. He also helped run OWL-TV, the old public access channel for the high schools. (OWL = O’Gorman, Washington, Lincoln. I always thought about the need to change it to ROWL-TV for Roosevelt, and then SCROWL for Sioux Falls Christian…but it started to get silly.)

The reason why I want to reach him is simply to thank him. Finally, I’m getting back into the field of study that I should have gotten into in, oh, 1994 when I went to college. TV and Radio production is one of maybe 3 things that I truly enjoyed doing when it was supposed to be “work”. I don’t know if I can recapture that feeling ever again, but I have to give it a shot.

I’d like to thank the guy for giving me the shot to begin with, to leaving the feeling of accomplishment within me all these years. I hope to be able to live up to that ideal, to make something of myself in this field of study.

So, if you know him, please let me know. I’m Aaron Burman at Thanks.



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Back To School

Yes, I’m finally heading back to school after 11 years of partying…and working, being in the Air Force, and to a large extent, spinning my wheels.

I will be going to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. It’s a sort of tech school, only lasting from now until October. However, I’ll be heading back for an associates in addition to this program, starting Spring 2009.

Wish me luck, and see you in Sioux Falls next week! -Aaron

PS: I keep meaning to do a “real” post regarding this, but my good-good friend Jason Heath is publishing his first book! Be sure to go to the Library branch near Washington High School in Sioux Falls, South Dakota this Thursday at 3:30pm!


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It’s all good until you get lyme disease…

I went out geocaching today, trying to find “Fallen In Flatlick“, and “The Cache With 9 Lives”. Fallen was very difficult, and after over 1 hour, I gave up. I attacked that one from the 4 points of the compass with no luck. I’ll head back there sometime this fall when the foliage has died off. That was when the cache was originally planted, so I may have better luck.

The other cache, as I said, was “The Cache With Nine Lives“. I cruised out, ducking out of the way of swallows and dodging around a sizable marsh/lake. Upon finding it, I discovered the container was cracked, and everything inside was damp. I couldn’t log my visit since the log book was ruined. I didn’t bother to leave my travelbug there either. Like I said in another post, I’ll probably take that back to South Dakota and leave it there.

While I was checking out the cache, I found 4 ticks and a couple inchworms all over me. I always wear a hat when I go adventuring, so thankfully I didn’t get any ticks in my scalp. I showered immediately when I got home, and I’m crossing my fingers.

I can’t help but think how cute the little guys are. Ticks, I mean. I was pulling one off my leg, and I had him trapped between my thumb and forefinger, and the way he squirmed was very funny. His pain, my pleasure. I let him go soon after. I’d feel worse, but it was a tick.

I like bugs. I have grown very fond of them in the last year or so. Just thought I’d say…

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Nothing Reall-e

So…not much to say, but I’m trying (hard) to post every day or two. My wife and I went to Wall-E the other day, and I had a very lukewarm reaction to it. The jokes were kind of obvious, and the “message” was really crammed down the audience’s throats. Yeah, alright, Internet bad, Real World good. Whatever.

I’ve been geocaching a lot, and I got my first Travel Bug. See, a travel bug is a metal keychain the size (and plink-sound) of a military dogtag. The object of the game is to pick it up from one geocache and drop it off at another one…….and I feel like I told you about this in the previous post. Whatever, no going back now.

I got into a conversation with a member of the cleaning crew where I work. She doesn’t sound local, sounding more like someone south of the border. She mentioned that her husband and herself don’t celebrate the Fourth of July. And I guess that doesn’t surprise me much. My wife and I barely get to celebrate, because of her crazy retail-manager hours, and my wish to work on more holidays to get better pay. In the end…I’m not huge on the 4th anymore. It’s more of a holiday for kids and/or pyromaniacs. I like fire, and I like seeing things burn. Unfortunately my conscience, my need to avoid jail-time, and my overall need to live a long, boring life prevent me from lighting things on fire. But little green army guys always burnt the best, and the smell! Whew, to DIE for! Calvin Klein has nuttin on those guys.

Besides that, I’m writing again. I’m taking it very, very slow, so I don’t lose my will to write this story. It’s about my Junior High School years, with some fiction thrown in. I had a very rough time of it, and for a while I didn’t think I was going to be able to go on, literally. I obviously did, but there were some almost comedically sad moments here and there. I want to basically write a rough account of the goings on back then, and maybe write a couple things to end differently. My main influence is actually the movie Superbad. I didn’t entirely care for the movie, mainly because it’s a little too close to my life back then, as far as the embarrassment and self-conscious life I had back then.

Annnyhow, that’s about all there is to say for the moment. Take care youtze.

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