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Slow to Change

Unfortunately, the only day that I seem to have available to work on this is Friday. I’m expecting a nice “help me” book within a few days which should shorten the time on this project. Thanks for your patience.

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Tabs / Posts

I need to find out how to attach certain posts to certain tabs…

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Yes, Webmonkey, the perfect site for HTML fools. I found out, essentially, what was wrong with, in that there was no spacer-table on the left column. Since I don’t know XML, I don’t know how to fix that site. However, I can ensure it doesn’t happen again, on K2.

The problem is…I still want to have a nice, widescreen site. But I want it to be dynamic. See, when you go to my friend Jason’s site,, you essentially get the same experience on a standard screen, widescreen, in Firefox, or Internet Explorer. The website stretches in order to accommodate whatever sized window you have the site in. It’s beautiful, and simple. You don’t even notice the stretch. It’s very well formed, and pleasing to the eye, while maintaining a simplicity that I’m looking for.

I want my site to look a little sharper as time goes on, while maintaining a simplicity to it. Some graphics, but not at the expense of the site.


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Grrr…I lost the picture, started from scratch

I was trying to revamp the top picture, and I lost the whole thing. I had to start over again! How aggravating!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the top picture. That picture is why I chose this template to begin with. But it’s not mine. I need this to be a very “me” blog. I might even go without a picture eventually, just so it’s customized. Not that a no-pic blog is very original, but it’s at least not going to look absolutely identical to others that are out there. A picture or top-image is a fingerprint of a blog. People identify with it. Especially someone like me.

I’ve always had a higher-than-average non-verbal IQ. I taught myself to read by associating pictures to places, mainly fastfood restaurants. In other respects I was a slow learner, but I learn differently than most people.

My Mom has a story where I was taken to a specialist to find out if I was mentally retarded at an early age. I was slow to speak, slow to walk, and slow to read. They were trying to get me into special classes, for kids with low IQ’s. On a Sunday morning in the course of this process, my family sat down for breakfast after church. My Dad was flipping though a newspaper, and suddenly I said, “King!”, pointing at the newspaper. My Mom saw this, and I was pointing at a Burger King help-wanted ad. Then I said, “Bell!”, pointing at a Taco Bell ad. After that, they knew I was “getting” it, but it just wasn’t happening the same way as with normal kids. I was later rated at a very high non-verbal IQ, which helps me in some ways, hinders me in others. I love how things flow in commercial art, websites, and especially movie titles, when they’re done right. But I have a hard time diving into programming code to create these instances.

Which is the reason why I went with Blogger to create a webpage in the first place. Blogger makes it very easy to create a flow to a webpage, to make things look good, without a lot of skill. The problems start to build when you want to push those borders out, to make a much nicer, more customized page than what you started with. Everytime I push things out just so far…I wreck the page. I’ve done this over and over again. And even after I revert to an old save, for some reason, Blogger hangs onto the new data still, and you’re stuck. Either start over with a new template…or live with the crapped-out design. I chose the former for, the latter for

This fall, I’ll be taking a course in web design at a local community college in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Hopefully I can get over this newbie-process and finally work my way into building substantial websites in the future. Until then, I’ll be stumbling onward…

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Kraznoy 2: the future of Kraznoy

(Note: This was the original division point between to

You can watch my progress with revamping all of my blogs (finally) at It will be an ongoing project. Mainly, the posts consist of my frustrations with my slipshod programming skills, especially after having spent 4 years in the Air Force as a programmer maintainer. It was not a job I enjoyed, and I’m paying the price for not spreading my wings out at the time.

I’m gradually reteaching myself the skills I learned when I first started programming. It’s hard for me to stay sharp with this stuff. I need a cubicle wall to pin pieces of notebook paper and post-its to, you know? Maybe I’ll invest in a cheap bulletin board…

Anyhow, watch as I post to myself on the new blog, grinding away to a new Kraznoy.

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What I want…

I want to have the posts aligned left, but the box in which the posts reside aligned right, and stretchy so if you have a widescreen monitor, it will stretch out the text (and the background) to fit the entire page. I finally figured out how to change the picture…but I can’t get the replacement picture to size up correctly, so I’m leaving this one for the time being.

The main problem with is 1) on Internet Explorer browsers, the whole page’s graphics are stripped bare, and 2) in Firefox, the posts are stuck, glued, to the left side of the screen, to the point that on a CRT monitor they actually drift off the left side of the page.

I think these two annoyances are the main reasons why I’m creating this blog in HTML and not XML. I know HTML is less capable, but it’s much more within my realm of understanding.

Random thought…I wonder how much a real-life cubicle is…

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Okay, here’s how dumb I am

I have this nice, clean template. I have these nice, clean tabs across the top. But I haven’t a fricking CLUE how to use them. I haven’t even a fricking CLUE how to change the background image up above. Ugh.

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Rough Start

I’ve been putting this off for a while, but I’m finally getting started with the rework of my blogs. Enjoy the construction.

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I still have nothing to say to you.

But here’s a video clip.

7/20/07 6:35 PM

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Yes, Even More Links!

They’re moving! I know they’re moving, dang it!

Paranoia, I love it.


More cat videos…yay…

This picture gives away EVERYTHING!

World War One COLOR Photos

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy…text adventure!

Creepy Fairy Tale Book

Weird Photos

Weird Paintings

Weird Photo, singular

Early Christian Writings

Weird ball game

Annie the Cat

Paperfolding site

Interesting Facts

The comic “bits”, with a “t”.

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Even More Cool Links

Man of 100 voices

What should I read next?

Great Short Movies

List of Unusual Deaths

Cursor Fly – try it, it’s fun.

Cool Films

Crazy Ladybugs

Free Audiobooks – classics like Huck Finn, War of the Worlds, etc.

Three Minute Masterpiece

Weird little typegraph movie…

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Switch – Watch more free videos

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"Why won’t anybody play with me?"

I know everybody has probably already seen this one, but I love it.

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This reminds me of…

…that commercial, “I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke, and Live In Harmony…”

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Great Test

Watch this, and remember to count the passes. I got 15.

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Dang it Krampf!

Incredible Experiments. Just go here.

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