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New look

(It was at this time I chose a black & white template in Blogger.)

Hey, I figured it was time to try one of the other templates in Blogger. It’s not as clean as the last look, but it’s still nice to rearrange the furniture once in a while. Enjoy.

Jason Heath said…

Nice template! Looking very good. Thanks for pointing out Don to Earth. I’m reading it and liking it.

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Historical(-ish) Soo Foo Blog

Hey all, there’s a blog that a fellow Sioux Falls-ite started with some stories about my good ol’ home town. I’m putting his address over on the right with my other blogs for the whole world to see…or at least the small smattering of folks that come to this blog. Enjoy ====>

(okay, I’ll also put the address here: Sioux Falls Times)

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Waka wahr

Okay…so, bad day. However, here’s something to take my mind off of just “how” bad a day it was, while Gilmore Girls plays and records quietly in the background. Yeah, I watch it. Yes, it’s been described to me by a good friend of mine as a 60 minute tampon commercial. But it’s got some of the most witty dialogue of any comedy-drama in the history of TV. A little soapy at times, but what show isn’t these days? (trivia: Lorelei’s house is Uncle Jesse’s house from “Dukes of Hazzard”, and the inn is the Walton’s house from…yeah, “The Waltons”. I love Warner Brothers…)

Anyhow, back to what I came here for. In “trying” to stay with my Omaha theme, here’s a couple restaurants that you should go to. For one, there’s Trini’s, which is in the beautiful Old Market section of Omaha. Look up the place, or down, since it’s in the Old Market Passageway (although it’s really a passageway to no where, a dead end of sorts). It’s beautiful, and the food ain’t half bad. While not the absolute best Mexican chow in Omaha (that honor still belongs to La Mesa in La Vista…no pun intended…[actually, it’s in Papillion, but it sounded funnier in my head…La Mesa…La Vista…yeah, anyhow…], Trini’s still serves some great food at reasonable prices. You should go.

Besides Trini’s (and La Mesa), Old Chicago. Yes, it’s a chain restaurant, and I usually don’t like to put chain restaurants on a best-eats list. I like to get people to go out of their way, trying to find a free-standing restaurant, usually owned by a mom & pop who’ve been doing it the same way for 30 years.

…which brings to mind two more restaurants. There’s “Korean House”, which is located right by Offutt Air Force Base in Old Towne, Bellevue. They serve some passable bulgogi, but they serve some EXCELLENT kimbob. That’s a sushi roll to everyone else. It looks like a black snake cut up for someone’s culinary pleasure. Sooo good…

And the other restaurant. It might be the best mongolian barbeque. It’s Khan’s Mongolian in Bellevue, located on Fort Crook Rd., a little north of Cornhusker Ave. (east side of the street). Great staff working there, and great prices. With most mongolian barbeques, it’s all you can eat, with no take home. With Khan’s, you go through one time, but you can take it with you. So, you need to get the big bowl, fill it up with meats on the bottom, vegetables on top, throw a few spicy (or not-so spicy) sauces on the top, get them to fry it up, and go to town. If I’m lucky, I can finish 1/3 of what I order. And due to my guilt at reducing their profits from getting so much meat (and because the service there is great), I always try to tip about 30% or so. It’s worth it, even at that price.

(Random thought: It’s Vegetables. I hate the word veggies, although I find myself using it from time to time. It seems so…childish.)

Well, that’s about it. I feel better about my day. I had to really pray last night and a couple times today to get through it. I’ve had a strange relationship with God the past few months…it’s like I had to push him away so that I could get through my days, weeks, and months before and shortly after my wedding. Don’t get me wrong, he was there on the very special day, but I sorta kept him at arm’s length, kind of like I did with everyone else except for my bride. See, I have such a social disorder with large groups of people that, despite the fact that I still had a great time, going through something like a wedding, with all the eyes and oohs and ahhs was a pretty traumatic experience. I’m still weirded out by it. But I’m starting to relax about it too, which is helping me to lose some weight too. Without trying very hard, which is nice. Just a little moderation, no sugar, very little nutri-sweet (which slows down the metabolism), just being a little better than I was before.

I used food as a major crutch to get through the wedding prep. Planning a wedding is hard work. We didn’t even go into the stratosphere with decorations or reception stuff either. I was freaking out, and so was Sarah. So I ate, and ate and ate…

Wow…restaurant guide, then diet tips in the same post. What a schizophrenic little piece I’ve got here.

Before I wrap this up, I want to point out that the whole “married” thing didn’t freak me out. I would have LOVED to have gone with our priest and had a nice, extremely private ceremony, and then a kick-ass honeymoon on Mars or someplace. But really, how can a guy deny this day from his wife? I’d do anything for her. Heck, she was cool enough to offered to do a Star Trek mock-wedding with me when we were in Vegas…in fact, on our 5th anniversary, 9/16/11, we’re going to renew our vows in at the Star Trek Experience in Vegas. Yeah, I know you’re envious. You should be, Heh.

Note that the only reason why we didn’t do the mock-wedding (it would have been right around April Fool’s Day of 2004) is that her sister suddenly decided that “she” was “really” marrying her long time boyfriend, in less than 3 months. So, that kind of killed our plans there.

I need to reitterate that I really wasn’t freaked out about being married, in that sense. Just the wedding. I’ve been dating Sarah for 5 years now (I still consider it to be dating, even now), and it was a very comfortable thing to move into, being a husband. She’s almost more than I deserve, especially when I’m being a jerk.

Really wrapping this up this time, I want to close with my wish that you all can find someone who’s almost more than you deserve as well. Take care and try to not let all the over commercialization this holiday season get you down. I’ll be trying the same thing.

Take care, and eat well…but not too much.

Dr.Strangelove said…


Wow! Andy, Angie, Rob, & I don’t have to come down there to do an intervention do we?

Sorry to miss the wedding, I had to work. Thanks for the invite though.

House, Heros, Studio 60, or even reruns of scrubs. That is my perscription to get you back into the fold of reality.

I know you better. And I know that if you keep watching tripe like gilmore, it will suck your brain cells out of orifices you never thought of & you will become one of the guys in the backround of those ‘Happy Bob’ comercials.

I just hope you still have the function to understand how serious this is.

Peas out, Blessed Be.
Dr. Strangelove [aka, JonB]
1:31 AM
Jason Heath said…

Kahn’s is good. We went there about three years ago and I remember it fondly.
1:59 AM

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Well…I’m not ready yet. Sorry to disappoint you, but the roster board story is waiting. Some more.

Really, I’ve been waiting for so long for this screen to load (my PC’s doing 56K when my anti-virus is trying to update at the same time) that I don’t really remember what I was going to say. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty I “could” say, but to somehow achieve a flow to this diatribe against (or for) life, I need some sort of pre-planning. So far, this blog has been almost entirely unplanned. And the trainwreck meanderings are perfect proof of this.

See, I started this thing as the cheapest form of therapy for myself, while in the process sharing little tidbits and tales about my life, hopefully staying on the original track of “Omaha Stories”. I’ve failed miserably, because I doubt that even a small smattering of the posts I’ve posted on here have anything to do with Omaha. (That is…if I were to actually look…but remember, “56K”)

I feel like noting at this point that this entire blog flies in the face of one of the facets of my personality. I don’t really like attention. I crave attention, but I don’t really like it. I’m a typical shy actor. See, I like having people comment on this blog. I like it when people go, “Hey, that was clever / funny / interesting / disgusting / whatever”. But I don’t really like people knowing too much about me. Which is bound to happen when I share the little tidbits about my life. (Also, I don’t like the word “tidbit” although I’m fond of using that word to describe things. I just thought I’d mention this now.)

I guess my only real point in this posting was to say that I’m going to try to return to a train of thought I had when I started this blog. You’re welcome to come along. I’ll post something tomorrow.


TheLadiesMan said…

Forget about Omaha. I am enjoying your transparency; and know that it will come to your reward, soon & often!
I find your disassociated perspective refreshing…never know quite what to expect; and that keeps me coming back!
Anxious to hear what the fairer sex has to say about your meanderings @ some point in time!
7:11 PM

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My New Favorite Blog

This guy used the same template as I did (under the old blogger-page, but his blog kicks my blog’s ass 10 ways to Sunday. And he’s over 90 years old. Check him out. Don To Earth

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Sorry for the lack of any formal “form” to this posting. It was a stream of consciousness that I felt needed to be said, and so it is the way it is. Grammar be damned. Here goes:

Ever feel like you’re talking and talking to an empty room? That’s sort of what this blog feels like. There’s a form of psychiatry that actually falls into this pattern, where the headshrinker pretty much lets you do all the talking.

I didn’t blend into the service like a fish to water. It was hardly natural. Everything was an adjustment, or nearly everything. It was tough. Maybe I just thought to much to really fit in. Maybe I questioned the logic of the whole thing too much. I don’t know. But there was a convergence of sorts, a moment when logic actually got me into a little bit of trouble. I think it was the 2nd week…actually, it was the 3rd week I was there, but since they start counting the weeks on zero, it counts as the 2nd week. This was the week of the roster board incident.

The roster board. Actually, I’ll get to that in a moment. It’s one of the five moments I really remember about Basic Training. In fact, it’s number 4 in chronological order. Let’s start at #1.

The first thing I can think of is how we used to stare at the walls, a lot. There were times that they would put us into a formation (4 lines of about 60 guys total, where the tallest guys go in front), and then they would put you at parade rest (feet apart about a dollar bill’s length, then hands behind you, back straight, eyes forward), and then you would stand, like that, for an hour or two. I got the feeling that this is what the lazy Training Instructors would do when they didn’t feel like doing anything else with us. I mean, we could have been doing something useful, like running in order to score better on the final fitness tests. But no…we got to look at walls. A lot.

The second thing I remember is how, after about 2 1/2 weeks of fun, I got to call home. I got my brother’s voicemail…he was in a movie. *sigh*… He kept the message for a while, and I actually listened to it once. A little haunting. I was so scared. I had maybe 30 seconds to talk, there in the middle of the darkness, about 10 guys behind you eager as hell to call their families. I had a set schpiel that I was to give them, on an address to send stuff to, what they could send, something like that.

The third thing that I remember is actually the 2nd phonecall. The one where I actually got to talk to someone, my brother. I talked for maybe 2 or 3 minutes, I can’t remember. I can’t remember what I said. But my world fell apart when I got off the phone. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a bunch of 20’s-age guys, all macho from being in the world’s greatest Air Force, crying like a bunch of babies. Every one of them, without a skip, were crying that I could see. I tried to be by myself, but a group of my pals wouldn’t allow for this. People I probably wouldn’t want to hang out with today were the greatest friends I could ever have in that short time.

And…that’s it for now. I’m sorry, I’m too tired. I’ve actually been working on number 4 for an hour now, and it’s longer than this whole preceeding narrative. So hold tight, I’ll be back. Thanks for reading.

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Intersting dream I had: the opposite of Everquest

I just had a nice little dream. It had me wearing a head camera, a very light number that was embedded in a pair of glasses (ala Mission Impossible 1). I was playing a sort of real-life game, where I was graded on the various physical tasks I completed, weighed against my Body Mass Index (BMI). The game recorded heart rate for extended periods of time, length of activity, and difficulty of task, and guided me throughout the process. There were missions that I could go on based on my fitness level, and I could gain “levels” based on where my BMI would move, higher or lower.

Something I didn’t dream about was the addition of body suits that would react to “attacks” that the imaginary monsters would inflict on a person. Slight electrical shocks, or just vibrations to indicate a person was hit.

Well, that’s it for that thought. Join me next time when I relate the tale of how Nate Goes Bananas. Stay tuned.

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No Snow

Why why why isn’t there any snow??? It’s the middle of November, heck, it’s PAST the middle of November. This isn’t the tropics! It’s OMAHA FREAKING NEBRASKA. Why isn’t there any snow?? Why why why???

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Battlefield Earth

Just a short commentary on this book. Now, this book is miles and miles better than the movie was. However, throughout the entire book, L. Ron Hubbard seems very proud of himself. “Look at the way I made THIS happen! Isn’t it cool???”. The form of speech he has is over the top, grandiose, and a little boring. This, and there are Deus Ex Machina’s all OVER the place. Random stuff that just…happens…for no apparent reason, and the hero gets out alive every…single…time. The only reason I’m still reading it is that it’s mildly interesting-enough to continue, and that the chapters are really, really short. Only 400 pages to go, out of 1000+.

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Does this really need a title?

Well, I give up. I don’t know what to talk about. Either that, or I have too much to talk about. I’m having a rough week, but I really don’t feel like a gripe session. Instead, let’s look through the different topics I’ve scribbled down over the past couple of weeks…

Let’s see…well, I could mention that I used to be a member of both the NRA and PETA…at the same time. See, I believe that it’s okay to own firearms, it’s okay to learn how to use firearms, and it’s even okay to hunt in moderation. The wildlife populations in western South Dakota are a great example of why it’s okay to hunt. Deer populations have exploded in the last 30 years, to the point that deer-car collisions have gone through the roof.
Case and point: The mother of a good friend of mine back in college was driving home to their country house, swerved to miss a deer, and rolled the car. Not a lot of cellphones back in 1996 or so, and she didn’t have one. Well, she was able to crawl out, having incurred a broken wrist and a cracked rib. She walked 2 1/2 miles to the house, got into the family’s 2nd of 3 vehicles (an old pickup truck) and started to drive herself to the hospital. Note that she probably should have called someone at this point…as the ominous music plays in the background. Well, she was driving the 7 miles back to town when another deer jumped into the middle of the road. She hit it head on (apply directly to the forehead) and acquired a mild concussion out of the deal. Totaled the truck, where she just waited about an hour before someone came along.

Now, on the other hand, excessive hunting is not really a good thing in my opinion. And neither is animal testing. Which is why I joined PETA. I joined both because I support certain aspects of both groups, but am opposed to other points that they back.

…well, I think that about covers that. I could go into more detail, but my point is made. And the deer x2 story is the only intersting tidbit I have there.

Besides that…I guess there’s The Mysterious Cities of Gold. I used to love that show, and wish that someone would put it out on DVD. There’s a cat out there that’s got a DVD transfer for sale, but it’s directly from the english-transation VHS tapes, and the quality is not-so-hot.

See, The Mysterious Cities of Gold is a French-cartoon adaptation of a story called, “The King’s Fifth” by Scott O’Dell (Newbery Award Winner, by the way). In fact, if you’re reading this Jason, I’ve had this book on stand-by, so I could give it to you, for, oh, about a year now. If I can ever get it worked out to go out to Chi-town, it’s yours.

The story is about a spanish kid named Esteban and how he gets cajoled into joining an expedition in the Andes mountains of South America, led by Captain Mendoza and his band of followers.

This is about where the book and the cartoon split. I won’t reveal the book to you, but let me say that it casts a pretty different light on certain characters. Kind of like in the book Mary Poppins, where she’s this gruff and not-very-emotional woman, but in the movie, well, she’s freaking Julie Andrews.

Well…my mind is a mite muddled this midnight-ish hour. Sorry if my grammar is horrible, although it normally is. I think I’m going to call it a night. I might edit this post later, to elaborate more about the previous. Or I might not. So it goes. Have a good sleep. -A

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Rude article about the Bible

…yeah, I posted it. This article is a commentary on the book of Job (40:14-24). The author believes that the book describes genitalia of large mammals.

See, this passage is actually a much debated piece. Creationists consider this snippet to be proof the dinosaurs are mentioned in the book. Evolutionists and others state that they’re simply talking about elephants or other large mammals.

I’m not sure myself. See, I believe in evolution in all creatures except for humans. For humans, I believe they were created, via Adam & Eve, and then have evolved past the point of creation. Otherwise, how else do you explain that Napoleon, at 5-foot-whatever, is actually of average height given the bad diets and poor living conditions of the day? (Strange random factoid: Danny DeVito is taller than Dolly Parton. Strange, eh?) See, I don’t think that humans are simply evolving either — Humans are evolving FAST. We’re growing taller and taller and increasingly greater rates. Our lifespans are extending every decade, with no stoppage in sight. It’s truly an incredible age.

Going back a paragraph…yes, I believe in creation. However, I don’t know what to think about Neanderthals. I wish they were still around, you know. The things we could learn from them, a self-sustaining alternate race of biped intelligent creatures.

…I guess I didn’t really need that thought. Anyhow, here’s an article about elephant genitalia in the Bible. Or dinosaur genitalia…or something. You decide, I’m out to find a replacement job and maybe even get enrolled in college before the week is out.


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"Crap for Crap.", to quote Strong Bad

Well, what a peachy day. I finally receive my Ramones lanyard in the mail (and to those who don’t know what a lanyard is, it holds your ID badge around your neck), and then I find out that my primary job, a temp job at Cox Cable, has just suddenly come to an end. Ha ha, whee!

This, and I can’t get my stupid scanner to work. My stupid, but free, scanner.

The reason “why” I want my scanner working is this: I’ve been working on my old comics for my failed comic strip, “Dakota South”. Why did it fail, you ask? Because I’m lazy. But not no more, no no. Now, I resurrect it.

I used to have a lot of structure to the whole thing. First, I imagined a Shockwave Flash site, ala Homestar Runner. However, I realized that it’d be too much work without some kind of motivation. Sarah, bless her heart, is not a fan of such things like Homestar, JoeCartoon, or shows like Drawn Together. This is not a fault of her’s, and this does not make her less of a person to any extent. It just means she’s not a guy.

Okay, I realize that there are some women out there, difficult to find, that actually enjoy such fun, juvenile pursuits such as cartoons, or possibly video games. (Courtney, I’m talking to you by the way.) However, I’d guess that well over 99.9% of the women out there aren’t into such things.

Anyhow…without any real motivation other than my own, I just kind of threw in the towel. I still have character designs and an opening sequence to be done in Flash eventually, and even specific menu designs, but nothing else. Nothing real.

So…I dropped it down to a comic strip. I drew probably 10 of them, got plot points for another 30-40, then scrapped that one too.

I have a weird dicotomy inside myself, see. One part of me shuns people, introvert to the max. The other part of me craves attention, and can’t really function creatively without it.

Thus, a blog. Perfect. I don’t have to actually “look” at people, but I can look at the counter at the bottom of the page and realize that people are actually visiting this site.

And, after forever of trying to jumpstart it again, I’m going to put on some comics. However…until I can get a working scanner, it’s no go. At least until I find somewhere that can scan and throw images onto a thumb drive, that is. Funny thing is, Office Depot (my 2nd job, i.e., the job I still have at this point) probably has the ability to do just this in the copy/print center.

So, rambleschplicting being done, that’s my story. Oh, and I’m still not done playing Destiny of an Emperor. But I’ll be posting more often regardless.

Peace and all that stuff, -A

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I fell down into the hole, and it was good for a time. For a time I didn’t have to think about anything else in the world. I didn’t have to think about money, legacy, or impressing my parents. I could just be, without anything to hold me to anything. Then, the capitalistic me returned in form. It returned, and returned, and remembered that I wasn’t excelling in life. I was just lying there, fodder for the wolves, as I lay in the forest, sometimes in the light, sometimes in the dark. About half and half, but without the need to leave the world better or worse than I had been borne into it. I just was. It wasn’t enough. I needed more. I needed more things. I needed more things to show people. I needed to be something more, to show everyone that I was more than this. I couldn’t handle just living. I had to be living better than those around me. So I kept on, getting more and more into my life. It wasn’t enough, because after a year, someone had something newer, something better, something more than I had, or could have. So I worked harder, gaining more of the things that helped to make me feel the temporary relief from the world, from the freedom virus that made me want more and more. The only cure was something more, which was just the temporary relief. Just the salve for the festering wound, getting worse and spreading as time went on. I needed more. I needed more and more and more. I needed it, and I needed it now.

Until it got out of hand. In debt, and further in debt. I stretched too far. I couldn’t work hard enough without returning to school and incurring more debt, only to get a high-paying job with that degree, a job that I hated, but a job that could help me acquire more wealth, only to let it slip through my fingers as soon as I acquired it. I wanted it too…but then, suddenly, I didn’t.

I let things go for a while. I wanted to see what would happen if I set my feet into the muddy bottom of this shallow stream. I wanted to see if I could stand still, or if it would wash me away. At first it did set my feet adrift. I did lose balance, swallowed a little of the muddy water. But I stood again, coughing to rid myself of the waste water, coughing from the depths of my lungs. I slid a little, but soon I held true. I held on. I kept on standing. And after a time, I was able to walk upstream, gaining ground bit by bit, and gaining strength along the way. After a time, I didn’t need to walk upstream any longer. I was able to walk to the stream bed, to the shore, and climb up to the sandy shoreline. I began to dry off. I began to get better, to feel better about where I was, instead of where I wasn’t. Sometimes I still look downstream, and sometimes I even jump in for a short swim. But these days, I always return to the shore, to look at the water instead of living in it.


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Temporary Hiatus

You might have noticed that not much of worth has been posted for a short while. Well…I’ve been playing a game again. But it’s a classic, see. It’s “Destiny Of An Emperor” for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I downloaded the rom for it (legally, since I own a physical copy of the game). With the help of an emulator, I sped up the frame rate into the stratosphere. So, I gain levels in about 10 minutes instead of an hour+. An entire battle? Maybe 5 seconds. The only lag is the human factor, me selecting to “auto-battle”, then me confirming the kills and the loot.

So, my free time is in this game. But I’m already 1/2 way done. Have faith, I’ll return, and I’ll wait another few months before playing again. Besides, I have to finish my Nanowrimo story.

By the way, if you like writing and want some encouragement to do so (i.e. a kick in the ass), go here for a fun little contest…well, not a contest really. Just look at it, will you? Define it yourself.

National Novel Writers Month

Jason Heath said…
Sounds like fun. Time for World of Warcraft! You won’t get addicted. Don’t worry, it’s not addicting at all. He he he..

11:27 AM

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