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Transfer 3: another thing from 2/16

Wow, more old stuff. I don’t know why I’m posting this. Whatever. -A

6:00:56 PM CST
Feeling Quiet
Hearing None – crashed my player

Changed the layout

I just changed the layout and overall feel of this blog-thing. It looks cooler, yet it’s harder to read. Kind of like a pair of shoes that looks great but kills your feet. Guys can go through this as well…my favorite pair of shoes was my Chuck Taylors, black Converse shoes. I found them on the cheap – $8.00…but a couple sizes too small. Sarah finally got me a pair for Christmas that were the right size, and have flames on the sides. I wear them a lot…I still want to find a semi-snug pair of plain Chucks though. See, those old Converse shoes are great for rock climbing. You wouldn’t think so, but because the flexible soles (and no support), you can get your foot in all the right places with those suckers. Not that I go rock climbing much these days. I haven’t even gone on a decent hike since before the millenium. Oh, to live in the Black Hills of South Dakota again.

Anyhow, I hope whoever reads this likes the new layout. If you don’t, drop me a line. My audience is maybe 3 people, so I’ll be sure to heed your thoughts. Thanks much.

– Darkwired

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Well…this is like the 3rd time I’ve tried to get a blog off the ground. Usually I’m so lazy that I simply start a brand new blog on a brand new blog-service. So this is progress. I guess.

So…what’s happened? Big news: I got married on September 16. Pretty wonderful day, only one minor problem throughout the whole shin-dig. Which is a-mazing for a wedding. I’ve been at weddings where the DJ was late, the food was so/so, somebody got into an argument, etc.

Well, I’m going to dump this post onto the blog now, since I’ve got to update some things on here. Self-placation and all of that. Enjoy.

– Aaron

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