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The Start of a New Era

(Note: This post was written when the blog was still called “Best of Omaha”.)

Welcome to something that maybe I’ll keep up, or maybe I’ll grow bored of in a week or so. Enjoy it while it lasts, and welcome to Omaha. The average sized city for the proper, middle of the road citizen. The place that isn’t so much a destination, but where you end up. It grows on you though, like that weird foot fungus you had last year. At first you hate it, then you start to get used to it, and pretty soon, you can’t live with out it. You’ve been Nebraskan’ed. So much for your dreams of making it big on the west coast. Kiss them goodbye. Strive for the big fish status in this small metro-pond. It’s all you have. For the rest of your pitiful life.

Okay, it’s not that bad. That’s the slogan for Omaha, by the way:

“Omaha – It’s Not That Bad! Really!”

I still prefer the slogan for Iowa though: “Iowa – Mostly Vowels”. To me, the main thing Iowa has going for it is that it’s in-between a bunch of better states (except for South Dakota — between the two, it’s a wash), and that it’s the birthplace of one James T. Kirk. And of course that my fiance was born and raised there. But that doesn’t concern you.

My diatribe is about done. I’m already rambling on and on. I just hope you enjoy your stay. Oh, and listen to Todd & Tyler on FM 92 or AM 590 in the mornings. They hate the Huskers. For that alone, it’s worth a listen. Yes, you guys in Sioux Falls can pick them up on the AM. Do it, it’s a fun show, without the cheeze of Bob & Tom.

Anyhow, have a great, long weekend.

– Pete.

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Dr.Strangelove said…

I thought the Omaha slogan was “At least we are not Iowa”.
5:17 PM

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